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   Chapter 233 The Eight Diagrams (Part Two)

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"Let's see what that boy will do!"

"I'm sure he'll get eaten by the Koi."

Once again, the noble people talked haughtily among themselves and relished in telling each other about what miseries Zen would end up in.

However, Zen still noticed the obstacles and hazards around him with his strong soul, even when he ran quite fast.

As he neared the fish that waited for him along the way, Zen jumped up at a high altitude.

The Koi also jumped up from the jade path with a flick of their tails, and opened their mouths to bite Zen.

"Phoenix Crystal!" Zen chanted.

He had emitted energy from the Phoenix Crystal embedded in his right arm just in time for this critical moment. When he released the energy, he felt his body become lighter and his speed increased several more times.

Now, the fishes out of the water were less agile and powerful, and thus Zen had successfully escaped.

Finally, Zen hopped among the remaining Koi carps in the last parts of the jade path. He finally got to the pavilion after a lot of threats, but he got out unscathed.

The Illuminating Soul Realm masters who had previously flown to the pavilion were shocked to see Zen when he rushed down the jade path. Old Wilson's hate-filled eyes looked repulsively at his approaching figure.

'The boy sticks to us like an annoying dog, ' he thought.

Old Wilson's murderous glare did not escape Zen's eyes, but he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "You know that my black wolf incarnated from life vitality is still fighting with the two giant puppets outside now. It's easy for me to bring them in."

When she heard Zen's words, the long-haired woman yelled to Wilson, "Wilson, not

ans, but they weren't with them now.

To everyone's surprise, Zen asked, "How about let me try?"

"You?" screamed Wilson as he viciously glared at Zen.

"You had better worry about your own life," he sneered.

However, Zen had expected that they would refuse his offer. Of course, it was impossible for them to hand over their fate to an unknown person in a mask.

At this point, everyone's mood had turned quite sour. This choice between life and death was a really hard test.

After a long while, someone spoke again. "Well, I'll do it," the long haired woman said and broke the silence. "I used to learn the Eight Diagrams. So I know a little bit, though I am not skilled," she added.

Nobody answered back. Even though they weren't confident enough with the long haired woman's ability, they had no other choice.

Everyone had acquiesced to remain silent, then the long-haired woman began the work of calculation and prediction. After a while, she suddenly looked up and emitted life vitality from her hands. Her life vitality covered the head of one sculpture like a cap, then slowly raised it up in the air.

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