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   Chapter 229 The Black Wolf

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The lightning leopard was fast but not as quick as the tremors that rocked the ground. If it got caught in the vibrations, it could turn into dust in an instant.

The people stopped whispering. The long-haired woman, who stood in the center of the noble clan members, stretched out a hand. Her long hair was rolled out like waves. A pale-blue light ball surged from her body, vanishing as soon as it had appeared.

The very next moment, the blue light ball surfaced around the lightning leopard's body as a visible shield protecting it.

When the tremors spread to its body, the ball of light dimmed a little, but it was apparent that it had devoured the power of the tremors. The lightning leopard was left unharmed as it ran, the two giant puppets hot on its heels.

The tremors swept forward, drawing closer to the members of the seven noble clans as well as Zen.

Several of them scuttled to nooks and corners in an attempt to avoid them. The distance made the energy of the tremors easier to bear but it was still beyond the endurance of the nature creatures.

Only the long-haired woman, Wilson and two other powerful men of the Illuminating Soul Realm stood unmoved like stones, letting the approaching tremors assault them.

Zen also did not budge from the other side of the square. He sensed the tremor gushing toward him until it finally burst through his body, knocking through with an impact that nearly threw him over. The tremor was like a warm stream of water that rushed through his insides. It began to scour his belly roughly.

At first, he tried to resist it but then stopped, sensing that he might be facing a breakthrough. Once his belly was scoured, it might help him reach the nature level. With this revelation in mind, Zen allowed the tremor to run through his insides even as it pained him.

Unfortunately, after the tremor left him, he didn't feel any change in his belly. Zen twisted his lip in displeasure. The tremor had been of moderate intensity. If only it had persisted for a few more moments! Then his belly could have been scoured thoroughly.

Not far away, the long-haired woman and the powerful men of the Illuminating Soul Realm stood frozen as they watched the tremor pass over Zen's body.

Did he want to die? He didn't move an inch as the tremor passed over him. Instead, he faced it as they had.

They were sure that the tremor would turn him into dust.

But as the tremor passed over, they saw that the masked boy didn't, in fact, turn to dust. He stood, staring ahead, his eyes twinkling with delight.

The nature creatures hidden in the corners weren't witness to the scene and didn't know that Zen had stood fearless before the tremor.

Shock was painted across the faces of the Illuminating Soul realm masters as they wondered what the boy's body was made of. How could he withstand such power? He was only half a step into the nature level. He couldn't transform his life vitality to protect himself. So how was he able to face the impact of the tremors? Such an unusual boy!

If they didn't kill him, he would certainly rise to unbridled power and play tyrant one day. The powerful men of the Illu

black, effectively rendering it out of his control?

He blinked his eyes in astonishment but consoled himself. It didn't matter. There were two more aardwolves left. He could kill the boy using them. Immediately, he waved his hand. The two aardwolves' life vitality was burning. The wolves scraped their claws on the ground with guided intention before howling loudly and darting to Zen.

Their life vitality burned ablaze. Without fear, Zen manipulated the recently turned black wolf to fight them.

The black wolf was made out of demonic life energy, which had devoured Wilson's life vitality. It circled the first aardwolf. The black wolf neared it and slashed at its body with its claws, transferring its demonic life energy. Soon, the aardwolf too was devoured by the demonic life energy and turned black.

Zen could kill the other aardwolf, but when he raised his hand to use the Heavenly Ogre Fist this time, a sudden thought struck him.

Since the aardwolf could be swallowed by his demonic life energy and come under his control, would the Phoenix Crystal somehow strengthen its power?

In an instant, he exerted the power of Ogres Shaking the World into his fist and punched the aardwolf, while also pushing the energy of the Phoenix Crystal into it.

The aardwolf hit by Zen's Heavenly Ogre Fist dropped to its knees and whined. In an instant, it changed colors. Now, it was a black wolf under Zen's control.

What was different from the other two black wolves, however, was that this one had a faint, bright purple energy spilling through it. It was the energy of the Phoenix Crystal.

"Let's try the speed!" Zen manipulated the black wolf, making it move with the energy of the Phoenix Crystal.


The black wolf burst forward like lightning, its speed more than ten times faster.

The lightning leopard, claimed to be the fastest animal in the Eastern Region, could not hold up in the face of this black wolf.

The members of the seven noble clans came running to the inner door. They paled as they watched the scene in front of them, the color draining from their faces.

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