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   Chapter 228 Giant Puppets

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Yves was a negligible sacrifice for the Pei Clan.

Zen had only managed to kill Yves, whose skills in the martial arts were considered to be the worst among these people from the noble clans. The fact that he was conceited enough to say he would kill anyone who crossed his path was absurd!

Laughter rang endlessly until the long-haired woman finally said, "Leon, kill the boy. Don't let me down. He killed Yves, so evidently, there's something strange about him. Just pay attention."

Yves had been at the sixth grade of nature level, but Leon was at the eighth, which meant that the latter had more power.

Zen had killed Yves, who wasn't powerful enough. It incurred less contempt and wariness from the members of the noble clans. They thought that Zen only managed to kill one of their kin because he had been lucky.

But Leon Ye... Leon Ye was a lot stronger.

They told themselves that Zen was only half a step into the nature level. His good luck could not make up for the strength gap between him and Leon. According to the nobles, he was bound to be killed.

However, there were several of them sneaking interested glances at him. They were confused as to how this masked boy could kill Yves.

At the order from the long-haired woman, Leon rushed to Zen languidly.

Leon was different from Yves - the latter an unqualified assassin who talked too much.

On the contrary, Leon Ye was quiet and serious. He didn't underestimate any of his opponents. The masked boy might only be half a step into the nature level, but Leon would treat him as he would be a real enemy. He would not give the boy a chance to fight back.

"Sure..." Zen grew exasperated. None of the people listened to him. They just belittled and ignored him no matter what he did - whether he threatened, begged for mercy, or said anything else.

The only way to make them believe was to kill them. Only then would they understand that he wasn't to be trifled with and that they could not intimidate him.

Leon approached Zen strangely, keeping his intense eyes locked on his. The life vitality in his hands quickly morphed into two long green swords. Just about a dozen of feet away from Zen, Leon's movements turned peculiar. It confused everyone present as to why he was circling behind Zen, when his swords were about to stab the boy in the chest.

When Zen turned around, Leon leaped over him. His swords were brandished around his opponent, caging Zen and giving him no chance to escape.

"Death in All Directions!"

The motions of Leon's green swords seemed disorganized but he had successfully sealed all ways for Zen to retreat.

Leon, a man who never took things lightly, conjectured that Zen was doomed to die today. No one so far had survived Death in All Directions.

But as Leon swooped down on Zen with his pair of swords, he felt a sudden trickle of fear as he looked into his rival's eyes.

In the past, he had

noble clans, but why was the ground quivering? With his gaze locked on the arch of the fairy palace, Zen grew wary.

The leopard sprinted through the arch, and soon, two giants were seen with maces in their hands, hastening after it.

The giants were like puppets without any vitality of their own.

In the Eastern Region, there were many creative and skilled craftsmen who could make sturdy puppets.

But no one could make such life-like puppets that looked akin to real people. Not to mention, the two puppets were like sky-high mountains, about hundreds of meters in height. The ground vibrated heavily as they scampered forward.

Every time the ground shook, Zen and the other people were propelled up into the air. They fell to the ground intermittently as the puppets made their way.

Fortunately, everyone present here, including Zen, belonged to higher levels. They could have been killed by the mere tremors if they were ordinary people.

Compared to the two giant puppets, the running lightning leopard looked like a small ant slithering forward.


One of the giant puppets hurled the mace in his hand toward the lightning leopard.

The lightning leopard was on the ball. As the huge mace was tossed forward for a hit, the leopard dashed forward like a flash of lighting and evaded the terrible thrash of the weapon.

Complementing the stature of the giant puppets, the maces were as huge as half mountains.

What would it be like to get struck by half a mountain?

With the mace acting as the center of a wheel, suddenly a shaky ripple of the tremor, almost visible to the naked eye, pulsed on the ground.

It was as horrible as the tsunami as it spread across the square.

"God! My lightning leopard! If it gets caught in the shock wave, it would be killed! We wouldn't be able to get through the inner arch of the fairy palace!" A man cried out, apparently worried about the lightning leopard he had raised.

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