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   Chapter 227 Interesting Boy (Part Two)

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"As I expected, you plan to attack me from the front this time!" Zen suddenly dashed forward, and the broken flying blade hit the person on his front for the third time. When it hit Yves, Zen made a circular motion with his finger, and a dark purple demonic life energy surged in the air.

The dark purple demonic life energy was obscure and had a similar color to the black fog conjured by Yves. Unless one really looked at it, one would miss it.

The demonic life energy unfurled in the winds, unleashing itself from its constraints like sweeping riffles in a river.

When the energy touched the black fog, Zen smacked his head lightly as if rebuking himself. He shouted, "Alas, I guessed wrong. It isn't in the front. It must be... at the back!"


Energy escaped from the Phoenix Crystal on Zen's right arm and his speed increased to a realm of horror. In the blink of an eye, he had cut the figure behind him more than thirty times.

Zen slashed the blade too quickly, so he didn't hear Yves's screeches until he pulled back.


Zen wielded the blade again but didn't kill Yves. He slashed thirty times within moments and chopped off Yves's arms and legs.

He could have cut Yves into pieces by hacking him with his broken flying blade, but he didn't go that far.

Zen swept the black fog aside and trotted to Yves. Looking at the effeminate man, he asked coldly, "Do you still want to know my name?"

"How did you find me?" Yves screamed.

"Are you very curious?" Zen asked with a wry smile.

Yves's face was contorted in severe pain. "Tell me!"

"Go to the hell if you wish to find the answer!" After Zen spoke, the broken flying blade in his hand hur

beady-eyed. "Who am I? That's got nothing to do with you. Don't bother frightening me with your names and titles. It's of no use. I want nothing to do with the noble clans. We go our own way without interfering with each other."

The long-haired woman hollered with laughter at his words. "How naive of you to say that!"

Zen swept the flying blade horizontally across his chest. "I don't know if I am naive, but anyone who dares to cross me will die, just like this one lying on the ground!" He motioned at Yves with his foot.

Zen seemed to have no scruple about the seven noble clans. They looked on in shock. Several of them emanated dangerous energies about them. If they really wanted to fight Zen, he would have no choice but to flee for his life.

However, Zen had seen what was in the Weapon Refining Principle, and he was not a fool. There was a great chance for the impossible to occur in this world, as well as in this fairy palace. He had no reason to shrink back.


"Ha ha..."

The members of the top seven noble clans stared at him and burst into raucous laughter, as if Zen had just made a joke.

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