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   Chapter 225 The Bright Fairy Palace

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When the white tiger climbed out from the woods outside the pink enchanted barrier, it saw Zen. It sneaked up to Zen with its big yellow eyes like a predator who found its prey.


The white tiger roared. It was so loud that it could wake up the dead.

The tranquility of the forest was disturbed. Strange animals ran wild. A flock of birds was flying, beasts were running wildly.

The sound of the tiger's roar caused a vast wind as fierce as a tornado. This was no exaggeration.

The strong wind passed through the pink enchanted barrier without resistance. It lifted Zen up in the air and crashed him hard into a tree not far away.


The wind hit Zen's body like a punch from an Illuminating Soul Realm master. His body was carved into the tree and he was unable to move.

He coughed out some blood and his face looked helpless. It was a good thing that he hit a soft trunk instead of hard rock. If it was the latter, he could've died in an instant.

"Where the hell is this place? Where are all these strange things coming from?" gasped Zen.

It took him a little rest before he could move his body. He tried to pull himself out the trunk, but it was painful. Luckily, his body was as hard as a spiritual weapon that could withstand any tremendous impact.

When he finally got out from the tree hole, he saw the white tiger still waiting for him outside the enchanted barrier like a predator ready to hunt.

When the white tiger sensed a slight movement, it raised its head with heightened alert.

Zen quickly hid into the tree hole. But this time, the tiger didn't roar and rushed directly to Zen.

The white tiger dashed towards the pink enchanted barrier. Zen blinked his eyes and prepared himself for anything that could happen. If the enchanted barrier could not stop the white tiger, then it would be the end of him.

Just when the tiger got in contact with the pink enchanted barrier, a spark came out from the surface. Soon, a bolt of lightning enveloped the white tiger.

Little by little, the white tiger's body started to perish. It started with its fur, then its flesh and blood, and finally its skeleton until nothing was left. When the beast disappeared, a huge demon core fell on the ground with a loud bang. One could only imagine how heavy it was.

It was indeed a massive demon core.

The demon core was radiating a fantastic glow. A stream of energy was trapped in it that contained an infinite power that Zen didn't know of yet.

'If the energy in this demon core is released, it could destroy the whole Eastern Region.' This was all Zen could think of now.

"I wonder how much I can make for it if I sell it in the Eastern Region market," Zen sighed as he looked at the demon core lying outside the pink enchanted barrier.

He squatted by the edge of the pink enchanted barrier admiring the demon core. It was lying in front of him, but he just couldn't get it.

For one, it was too big for his space ring.

And if not for its

The first time was his battle with the Black and White Fiends. The black fog produced by the Black Fiend did not harm him at all. He captured the Black Fiend with his strong soul and killed him in an instant.

The second time was when he challenged Demon King Aldrich's holy fire. It was more powerful than the Black Fiend's black fog. The demon's holy fire could isolate the spirit, block the sight, and corrode everything in its way.

Zen could tell from Yves' looks that he was an assassin. He assessed that Yves' black fog could be stronger than the Black and White Fiends'. But it didn't matter to Zen because he was determined to put an end to this.

Zen stood still with his back against the high threshold and watched Yves.

As Yves came closer to his prey, the black fog diffused and surrounded Zen. As soon as the black fog covered Zen's sight, Yves quickly made his move.

Yves stirred the black fog like a weightless wind, and it rolled over repeatedly.

Zen stood still with his arms crossed and the broken flying knife in his hand. He focused his gaze now on the rolling black fog, anticipating an attack.

"What's your name?" a soft voice came through the black fog. Yves was a man, but he sure had a sissy voice.

Upon hearing Yves' voice, Zen frowned and said, "Let's cut the talking. Isn't killing what noble clans like you want? So why do you want to know my name?"

"Oh! Don't get me wrong. This has nothing to do with the clan I represent. It's my rule to know the name of the person I will kill. As a ritual, you know. I have killed a total of 2, 461 people since I served the Pei Clan, and I can still remember all the names of the people I have killed," said Yves. Zen could not see his face through the black fog but could hear his voice.

"You don't need to know my name," he said indifferently.

"Why is that?" asked Yves in a confident manner.

"Knowing my name won't be any use for you because you'll be the one to die," Zen said coldly but in confident.

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