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   Chapter 221 Dragon Valley (Part One)

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Zen was only a teenager, and he had only been joking when he asked Yolande to kiss him.

When remembering his experience of being locked up by her with her enchantments, he couldn't help but have come up with such an idea to revenge on her.

But surprisingly, Yolande kissed him on the cheek without any hesitation. After her lips had left his cheek, he gawked at her in shock for a while.

The soldiers standing beside them stared in shock too. They didn't expect that Yolande would have agreed to his request so easily.

"What's wrong with her?' they wondered as they shook their heads.

Ever since that little incident, Yolande spent almost all her time in her room, and Zen never met or saw her again.

On the other hand, Yolande was already used to this kind of life. In addition to defending the city with the imperial army, she had been practicing cultivation in her room for most of her time.

After some time, Zen was going to leave the city. He collected all his stuffs in a bag and hoisted it on his back before going out the door. He stopped in front of Yolande's house and looked at it for quite a long time before turning away.

He began his path to his destination on foot. Since all the disciples of Cloud Sect had left, of course nobody would send another giant flying chariot to pick him up. Thus, Zen had to go back alone.

Fortunately, the demon had been defeated and two demon kings had been killed. The demon's camps had reduced significantly as well. Furthermore, the imperial army in the White Emperor City had completely destroyed the demons in the surrounding areas and Sky Forest. What was left to do was to plan the next counterattack to take back the Heaven tower and the Earth tower.

However, these had little to do with Zen because he was only a disciple of Cloud Sect, not a member of the imperial army.

When Zen had reached the boundary of White Imperial City, he headed for Cloud Sect.

The tr

at he could continue his journey as soon as possible.

'If only I can get a flying chariot in G County!' Zen thought to himself, but he knew that there was little chance that his wish would come true. In a county of this size, it was possible however to buy a swift horse like the flying dragon horse or the lightning horse. Although not as fast as the flying chariot, they could help Zen to speed up his journey and save his energy. 'The waiters might know where I can buy a swift horse. I'd better ask them later, ' he thought.

As Zen busied himself with finishing the remainders of his meal, a group of guys had entered the restaurant and walked upstairs. They spoke rather noisily and looked quite arrogant. One of them reached into his pocket and pulled out two pieces of gold bullion, each piece of them was about the size of a fist. He banged them loudly on the table and looked around.

"Waiter, bring us the best wine and dishes of this restaurant!" he yelled. The man who seemed to be their leader stretched his limbs carelessly as he slouched on his chair and ordered the waiters in a raucous voice.

All the waiters were dumbfounded at the sight of the big gold bullion the man had slapped on the table. They immediately served these guys with much bowing and fussing over their meals.

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