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   Chapter 220 The Racing Heartbeat (Part Two)

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Nevertheless, all reason to sympathize was lost when he remembered that she had been keeping him in such a confined space for such a long time.

"Okay, I'll have a try!"

After that, Zen took two steps toward the edge of the Blood Prison Enchantment, found a proper position, and began to launch his demonic life energy.

According to the nature of the demonic life energy, a trace of it was more than enough to make his plan work. As long as it could consume the bloody aura from within, the amount of the demonic life energy would shoot up.

Finally, Zen took a deep breath and threw a punch at the Blood Prison Enchantment.

With the Emerald Crystal's red energy, he made a small gap in the enchantment. Immediately as he had expected, the bloody aura repaired the gap with visible speed. The result was a clear repeat of earlier, but with one exception.

In this instance, he had injected a wisp of the demonic life energy into it, which quickly spread like a dye in the water.

When the bloody aura surrounded the demonic life energy, the demonic life energy began to counter and devoured it like no tomorrow. It seemed that the tables had been turned!

The demonic life energy spread quickly, and more rapidly. Then a fist-sized black blob appeared on the Blood Prison Enchantment, and a small patch of it turned black-purple. After what felt like a few minutes, the entire Blood Prison Enchantment finally turned all black-purple.

'Yes!' thought Zen elatedly. It meant that he was in charge of the whole enchantment!

Before anyone else realized what was happening, he tapped his finger gently on the Blood Prison Enchantment and shouted, "Break!"

As soon as it received Zen's order, the demonic life energy in the Blood Prison Enchantment promptly dissipated b

Yolande blinked and said, "This request is too simple, I can do much more than this. Think it over and change it."

"No, this request is good enough," Zen replied, smiling and bending his face close to hers.

While looking at Zen, Yolande scowled as though she did not understand his logic. Then quietly, she walked towards the man, stopped in front of him, and tiptoed on the small clogs while leaning close to him.

A soothing fragrance overpowered his senses as the girl drew closer; her moist lips touched his cheek as light as a chicken's peck and then quickly moved away from him.

Even though she did not turn a hair, she did not say anything else and left to retreat to her room.

As soon as Yolande was back in her room, she sat on the futon used for her daily training. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and tried to practice. To her surprise, she felt restless, which was a first as it was not in her nature to feel that way.

Bending her long legs, she rested an arm on the colorful dress while the other played with the hem. As her frown deepened, she stared blankly out of the window. "That's so strange. Why is my heart racing?" she murmured, sounding confused.

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