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   Chapter 219 The Racing Heartbeat (Part One)

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The Blood Prison Enchantment was, in fact, an exceptionally formidable enchantment.

Even a demon king like Aldrich spent a long time and a lot of hard effort just trying to break through it.

Such enchantments with great power were usually used against adversaries who were in the Illuminating Soul Realm.

If it were someone else who found that his normal enchantment had failed to trap Zen, he would end his efforts and give up immediately.

However, Yolande had a unique and controlled personality. When Zen lightly broke her enchanted barriers, the girl's levelheadedness never faltered. Instead, she did not hesitate to cast the Blood Prison Enchantment.

Her colorful dress swayed as she leaned on the edge of the Blood Prison Enchantment, wearing a pair of small clogs. "Can you break through the Blood Prison Enchantment, too?" she challenged Zen who was in the enchantment, a faint smile slightly visible on her face.

Standing in the middle of the enchantment, Zen felt it emanating a bloody aura. With his eyes fixated on her face, he suddenly cracked into a grin and said, "I thought you couldn't smile. Surprisingly, you have such an attractive smile."

His tough opponent blinked, revealing a hint of confusion in her grey pupils. Then, with a flip of her delicate hand, jets of bloody auras within the enchantment shot towards Zen.

From what he could remember, the bloody aura had the power to disturb the mind and drive people mad.

Under its influence, people with weak souls might even destroy each other.

When Zen felt hot while the bloody aura seeped into his mind, he could sense it striving to affect his soul. It made him a little excited.

Unable to deflect its invasion, he closed his eyes and felt

luminating Soul Realm, and I am only half-step into the nature level. How can I break your enchantment?" Shaking his head solemnly, he thought, 'Yolande is too simple for her own good. It's so much fun to tease her.'

"How would you know that you really can't do this when you haven't even tried?" Yolande persisted, shaking her head.

"I can't do that! I just know," he said, waving his hand helplessly.

The girl's eyes flickered with disappointment.

For a moment, she just stood there as though she were thinking about something. Suddenly, she added, "Just have a try with all your might. If you ever do get to break this enchantment, I might consider giving you a reward."

"Really?" A surprised expression spread across Zen's face. Somewhat suspicious, he examined her pretty face and asked, "What's the reward?"

"Any reward you want as long as I can do it!" Yolande spoke earnestly. "Well…"

The man raised his eyebrows slightly. It was just what he wanted her to say.

Although, Zen never thought that the girl could come up with such a solution so soon. For a brief minute, he wondered if he should not have tricked her into such a situation.

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