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   Chapter 218 The Power Of Zen's Fist (Part Two)

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"Officer Yolande, I'm afraid you cannot refuse. This is a direct order from the leader, and everyone is obliged to undergo inspection. Even the commander is no exception to the rule. So please cooperate with us." Though the soldiers were scared, they must follow and execute the military order.

But Yolande just looked at them without saying a word. She didn't intend to do the inspection at all and could care less of any military order. As she was about to close the door, Zen stepped forward and said, "In front of you are loyal and responsible soldiers. As a key member of the White Emperor City's guards, you should set a good example to them by cooperating in the inspection. Why are you making things difficult for everyone?"

The soldiers felt uneasy but still were grateful when Zen stepped in and spoke with Yolande. This was something these soldiers wouldn't dare do.

When Yolande heard Zen, she suddenly turned around. The hemlines of her dress were slightly lifted by her sudden motion, revealing her slim legs. She stared at Zen with her blank eyes and said, "It's none of your business, so I suggest you go away."

Zen sneered and said, "I know that I might be overstepping, but it's the right thing to do. It would make everything easier for you and everybody else. Besides, it will only take a few seconds."

But Yolande just kept on staring at him with her expressionless grey pupils. Suddenly, a transparent enchanted barrier appeared when Yolande flipped her fingers.

"Damn, she got a hot temper!" Zen raised his eyebrows and quickly stepped back.

He knew Yolande could be obstinate, but he didn't expect her to be so unreasonable. She was so easy to get irritated that anything would possibly result in violence.

The soldiers knew that Zen was only trying to help, but there was nothing they could do. They stood aside and prayed in hearts that Zen would come out of this


With the strength of the emerald crystal on his left arm, Zen slammed the enchanted barriers one by one, leaving a red mark on them.

He already knew that the red energy from the emerald crystal could weaken the stability of the transparent enchanted barriers. Even the tiniest taint could damage the transparent enchanted barriers.

After tainting the enchanted barriers with the red energy using his left fist, Zen started throwing punches into the enchanted barriers using the power of the phoenix crystal to destroy them completely.

Despite Yolande summoning enchanted barriers at a high speed, Zen just smashed them easily.

The pieces of the broken enchanted barriers shattered on the ground like rain.

Every tinkle was the sound of Zen breaking the enchanted barriers into pieces.

Seeing that her enchanted barriers were of no use on Zen, Yolande decided to change up her game. An intimidating aura started to emit from her body.

Suddenly, an enchanted barrier appeared, slowly encircling Zen. This newly summoned enchanted barrier was different from the first ones. From the color of this enchanted barrier, Zen realized that it was the Blood Prison Enchantment that Yolande used to deal with the demon king the other day.

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