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   Chapter 217 The Power Of Zen's Fist (Part One)

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Zen gritted his teeth at the thought and was ready to bet all on a single blow. He stretched out his arm and motioned for the black fire to go into the runes on his arm.

As a result of his intensive training, the black fire could now easily recognize the runes in Zen's arm and would instantly dive into them.

As soon as the runes absorbed the black fire, Zen's arm trembled a little. The extreme power of the black fire emitted heat and Zen could feel the warm sensation crawling from his arm.

Though the heat was overwhelming, Zen only felt relief rather than pain.

In no time, the runes started to rotate. When the inner and outer parts moved, the center of runes flashed a bright light.

As the runes began their ritual, Zen grabbed the phoenix crystal with his left hand and stuffed it in the center of the runes.


As soon as the phoenix crystal touched the runes, a blinding light sparked but runes stopped rotation and returned to normal. The phoenix crystal suddenly vanished.

Zen was stupefied and touched the spot where the phoenix crystal was. He pressed it and felt something hard beneath his skin. He assumed it was the phoenix crystal embedded into his skin.

After the black fire finally came out of the runes, Zen stood up and tried to move his right arm.

"It's time to test the phoenix crystal! Let's see how this can improve my speed!" In this room, all the facilities that Zen needed for his training were available and soon he found a stone man to practice boxing with.

Standing in front of the stone man, Zen squared his elbows and took a deep breath. Then he swiftly shook his fist at the stone man.

"Bang bang bang bang bang…"

In the blink of an eye, Zen threw twe

de. Unlike Zen, Yolande was well-known amongst the soldiers and her name held a great reputation in the city. The head of the soldiers stuttered, "Officer Yolande, we apologize for this unannounced visit, but we are currently doing an inspection in the whole city. We know you very well, but we have to follow protocol. We hope you can do us a favor and cooperate with us."

Clad in her usual nine-color long dress and a pair of clogs on her feet, Yolande stood at the gate and asked in a calm manner, "What is this inspection about? And why should I go through this inspection again?"

"Well, Because demon generals might be lurking here, and we are using the demon-revealing mirror to find them," the head of the soldiers told all the details to Yolande. Being known as the Killer Girl, Yolande was not someone these soldiers would trifle with. Although her facial expression was blank, she still looked intimidating and her aura sent shivers down the soldiers' spine.

"There's no way I am possessed by any demon general, so I don't need this silly inspection. Off you go then." Yolande was about to go back to her room when she heard a soldier speak.

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