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   Chapter 215 The Phoenix Crystal And The Emerald Crystal (Part Two)

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"This spear is named Tronson and is also a top-grade spiritual weapon. The crystal embedded in the spear point is an Emerald Crystal. Complemented with the Emerald Crystal, Tronson had the strongest penetrating effect and could easily penetrate an enchanted barrier," Spencer said patiently.

"Penetrate an enchanted barrier?" Zen stared at the crystal with interest. After getting locked in the box several times, he had become wary of Yolande's transparent enchanted barrier. Even if he got his hands on a weapon like Tronson, it was possible he would be unable to break her enchanted barrier. However, if he encountered other ones in the future, it could prove to be a handy weapon.

Spencer nodded. "Yes. Emerald Crystal's strength has a strong influence. Tronson was destroyed by the demon king Sheen. In those years, Sheen had mastered the skill of the enchanted barrier. Initially, the powerful men of Illuminating Soul Realm in White Emperor City could do nothing to Sheen, but the Emerald Crystal broke through his enchanted barrier. At long last, Sheen was defeated, but unfortunately, in the process, Tronson too was destroyed..."

Looking at the pieces of the broken Tronson, Zen could readily imagine the intensity of the battle.

"I will take this one too," Zen stated, pointing at Tronson.

"Of course. I will take it out for you in a while." Spencer smiled. "There is another crystal left. Would you like that too?"

Zen glanced at the remaining weapon that hung on the wall - a formidable broken ax. He shook his head. The crystal on the ax radiated with a brilliant light, but Zen only had two

as they were taken, so the pill had become rarer to find in the market. Initially, it didn't have a high cost, but it went up all the time. Today, a Nirvana Pill was worth nearly one hundred thousand cubic crystals. It was beyond the purchasing capacity of a nature creature.

More often than not, it was the elder of a family who bought the Nirvana Pill to give to the elite of a young generation.

The one who bought it didn't eat it, and the one who ate it didn't buy it, which meant that the Nirvana Pill's price had gone through the roof.

"This Nirvana Pill will be my third choice," Zen announced, nodding with satisfaction.

Truth be told, Spencer had planned to secure the pill for a younger elite in his family. As long as the young man gained some sort of accomplishment in the imperial army, the pill could be rewarded to him.

But now, Zen had picked it as his own, as one of the three treasures Spencer had promised him. As the governor of the imperial army, Spencer couldn't go back on his word, so he just nodded reluctantly. Zen's eye was far too clever.

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