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   Chapter 214 The Phoenix Crystal And The Emerald Crystal (Part One)

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The resources the White Emperor city had saved over the years couldn't be compared to those of the Cloud Sect and the Burning Sky Palace, but they were a lot more in number than those of the seven noble clans.

All kinds of spiritual weapons and treasures were stocked up roughly in the wooden frames on the wall, randomly pushed into nooks and corners as if those things didn't seem to be rare in the city.

Zen could choose any three treasures he liked, and he was glad to accept the offer.

He didn't have a strong interest in spiritual weapons as he had quite a stock of heavenly essence in hand, and he could easily barter it for the weapons.

He scanned the top rack of the frame, skipping past the spiritual weapons.

Spencer was surprised to see this. The spiritual weapon was of no use to the powerful men of Illuminating Soul Realm, but Zen, in his position, should be keen on them. His indifference was peculiar.

Spencer pointed to a pair of treasured swords at one side. "This pair of treasured swords are called the Double Ring Killing Swords. They are top-grade spiritual weapons with extraordinary power. If you choose them, they will only be counted as one of your three treasures, and are certainly worth more than their value."

Zen nodded but didn't answer. He still wanted to see the rest of the stock.

Spencer noticed his disinterest in the weapon and had no choice but to follow Zen as he stalked forward.

After walking for a while in the treasure house, Zen suddenly halted, his eyes locked on a wall not far away.

Three treasures hung on it. They exuded strong energy, but each of them looked incomplete.


Spencer blinked his eyes in surprise, but still nodded at him. "Zen, since you have chosen the blade as your first treasure, it is yours now."

The broken spiritual weapons had been hung in the treasury since long. Most people allowed to enter this treasure house were the members of the imperial army. There were weapon refiners in the army, but they wouldn't go to the battlefield to kill an enemy, and rarely got the chance to commit military exploits. They could hardly qualify to enter the treasure house and choose their reward.

Few people chose the crystals as a reward. The top-grade spiritual weapons were already assembled and aplenty. They were more suited to them.

"What about the one next to it?" Zen questioned.

Another broken weapon hung next to the blade of Jade Butterfly. It was a red spear that had been separated into several parts. Again, a blood red crystal rested in the middle of the spear point.

They watched as a dim red light flashed inside the blood red crystal. The light grew bright and dim from time to time, like it had its own heartbeat.

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