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   Chapter 213 The Reward

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For Lennie, it wasn't a big deal to send Zen to the military office because he believed they couldn't find any offense that Zen was guilty of. Even so, he would not allow Yolande to take Zen there.

"Even if people regard Zen as a hero, we couldn't turn a blind eye that he offended Hugh and even killed a military counselor. He should be subjected to a trial," Yolande said stubbornly.

"Yolande, please let it go!" Spencer persuaded her as he stood by Lennie's side. "Yes, Zen killed a military counselor and minded you, I investigated. That counselor from the Zhuge Clan provoked him and wanted to kill him first, but Zen overpowered him. Moreover, Zen fought with us against the Demon King Aldrich. So even if Zen had killed an officer of the Imperial Army, I would have still forgiven him with his crime!"

Spencer's words had absolute power. What he meant was very clear — he was the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Army. He had the authority to influence as to how Zen would be dealt with.

"I agree with that! And I don't want to pursue that matter. Now I know why Zen killed Josef, my fault," said Hugh as he stepped forward near to Yolande.

Yolande was silent for a while and after a careful thought, she nodded and said, "I will let it go!"

When they heard it, Spencer, Lennie and Hugh felt all relaxed and heaved a sigh of relief in unison. Although they were determined to go against Yolande, it was crystal clear that she could be stubborn and was used to getting her own way. She wasn't called a Killer Girl for nothing, since she was heartless and no one could stop her from doing what she wanted.

Then Yolande lifted her right hand. She snapped her slender fingers and the transparent shell around Zen began to soften, slowly turned into life vitality and was gone completely.

"Boy, you did a good job! You should be proud that you saved us!" Lennie stepped forward and patted Zen's shoulder. At the back of his mind, he thought Zen and Nina would be a perfect match!

Zen felt slightly embarrassed for such high praises and downplayed, "It was just a coincidence. If Yolande didn't take me to fight with the Demon King Aldrich, I wouldn't have the chance to kill him."

The truth of the matter, everyone doubted two things about Zen. One, why was he able to absorb the demon's holy fire.

It was known that the demon's holy fire was mystic and powerful. And just like every coin with two sides, the demon's holy fire could prove to be deadly to humans, while it was worthy to demons.

If an ordinary person was thrown into the demon's holy fire, it would corrode him to nothingness in a blink of an eye. Only the masters at the Illuminating Soul Realm, such as Yolande, were safe in the demon's holy fire. Even so, her perception and sight was adversely affected in the battle.

But Zen was bizarre and though he was half-step into

n Yan, he knelt down to a beggar who saved a person's life. Today, you helped the Imperial Army win the war and thousands of lives were spared. Certainly, you deserve it!" Spencer told a story earnestly.

"It was said that Quin, a respected gentleman in ancient times, was once a poor man. He walked on the side of the river and saw a beggar save a person from the river. He had no money to reward the beggar, so he knelt down to salute the beggar!"

Spencer told a short story for Zen to consider and accept his praise.

"We can't give you a remarkable military feat since you are not a soldier of the Imperial Army, but as a representative of the Imperial Army, I am here to award you three treasures and you can choose the treasures yourself as you enter our treasure house!" announced Spencer.

"Three Treasures!"

"He can choose freely!"

The crowd got noisy and all their eyes sparkled with excitement.

Over the years, the Imperial Army had accumulated great fortune of treasures and only those that were priceless were kept at the Imperial Army's treasure house in the White Emperor City.

They were gifted to soldiers with extraordinary feats. Receiving this award was extremely hard and you were not even allowed to select one for yourself freely!

But Zen was given the honor to enter the treasure house and could freely select three treasures. Everyone knew there were tons of treasures and all the officers were envious of Zen.

After the meeting was over and everyone left, Spencer led Zen to the Imperial Army's treasure house.

The Imperial Army's treasure house was hidden below the ground. Zen was following Spencer as they walked underground along the dark narrow passageway. Spencer ignited a candle after he opened a heavy stone door, and the entire treasure house lit up.

Even in faint light, the whole treasure house blazed with golden brilliance, sparkling to its glory.

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