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   Chapter 211 A Narrow Escape From Death (Part Two)

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Not only did that brat, Zen, take away his demon's holy fire, but he now also conjured a titanic Five-clawed Black Dragon to take his life.

"I am not giving up!"

While Aldrich screamed in his heart, Zen had sent the Five-Clawed Black Dragon to penetrate through the light curtain and rush towards him.

As Yolande was willing to cooperate as well, she depleted most of her life vitality from her body while the dragon attacked the demon king. She was determined to kill Aldrich in one shot.


The Five-Clawed Black Dragon tilted its head and growled while pouncing on Aldrich. It looked so powerful and intimidating that the earth trembled upon its roar. It opened its mouth and unwaveringly came at Aldrich.

Aldrich found himself cornered and caught in a dilemma. 'Should I dodge?' he thought.

However, Yolande would not let him escape. Without a doubt, the girl from the human clan would fiercely fight back until he was defeated. In that case, could he face the blow of the Five-Clawed Black Dragon without doing anything?

Was that even possible?

Even the powerful Aldrich was not sure he could withstand the attack.

Even if he could block the attack of the Five-Clawed Black Dragon and still come out alive by luck, the human girl who was right in front of him would still be around to take him down.

"Grrr… You human brat! I'll make you pay with your life!"

In his desperation, Aldrich finally realized that there was only one way left for him to survive, and that was to go all out!

Suddenly, the demon king reclaimed all the evil spirits. In the contest of life vitality, retrieving all of it was undoubtedly equivalent to suicide.

It seemed that Aldrich

Aldrich. Even though he was badly injured, and his remaining strength was only one-tenth of its normal amount, he was still the unconquerable demon king in Zen's eyes.


In an effortless manner, Aldrich reached out his hand and slapped the flying knife away. The broken flying knife, which had never failed Zen, regrettably did not have any effect on Aldrich.

Although his attempt was futile, it had bought some time for Zen to escape. At the very least, he managed to run several meters away from the demon king during the distraction.

Unfortunately, his insane speed was beyond Zen's imagination. With a flap of his wings, Aldrich's huge body cut through the air and pounced on Zen like a savage beast.

"Human brat, go to hell!

I am going to devour your flesh and suck your blood dry!" Then, four bone spurs came out from Aldrich's body while they were all aimed at Zen from different directions.

If any of the bone spurs struck him, it would render his cruel destiny set in stone. As the enraged demon king intended to suck his corpse dry, Zen could already imagine himself perishing and turning into a mummy.

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