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   Chapter 210 A Narrow Escape From Death (Part One)

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The two demon kings were able to prevent the Illuminating Soul Realm masters from passing. However, it was difficult to stop them from releasing their life vitality.

Despite everything, the two demon kings did not comprehend why the person had suddenly conjured a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon. What was he plotting to do?

The Five-Clawed Golden Dragon whirled in the sky, flying towards Zen at a constant speed. When the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon soared to a certain distance, Zen clenched his hands into fists and directly punched it.

"Ogres Shaking the World!"

A purple-black fist shadow came straight at the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon. "Boom!" The fist shadow penetrated into it, leaving a small black spot on the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon's body.

Initially, it did not seem to reveal any other effect. Then, in the blink of an eye, the little black dot spread quickly like wildfire. Soon, the entire Five-Clawed Golden Dragon turned into a Five-Clawed Black Dragon!

Zen manipulated the Five-Clawed Black Dragon into spinning in the air while wandering around.

Meanwhile, Lennie who stood in the distance suddenly seemed to recall something as his eyes brightened.

He waved his hand, and several silver swords flashed in it. As soon as the gleaming swords appeared, he launched them directly at Zen's direction.

Imitating Lennie's move, Hugh also summoned another Five-Clawed Golden Dragon from his hand and shot it towards Zen too.

Whether it was a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon or gleaming swords, Zen took on all of them without batting an eye. While still in his control, he made the Five-Clawed Black Dragon consume them.

After the Five-Clawed Black Dragon devoured them completely, it expanded more than twice its initial

o strike them.

An opponent could easily run away and avoid the dragon. Then, as soon as the Five-Clawed Black Dragon disappeared, they could return and end Zen's life.

Nevertheless, today's situation worked the best for this Five-Clawed Black Dragon to steal the show from everyone!

Aldrich was now contending against Yolande with life vitality. It was hard for him to be distracted, let alone move.

When he noticed the Five-Clawed Black Dragon though, his face had darkened. He could not imagine how Zen, a human brat, was able to create such a terrific dragon.

At the same time, the demon king became perplexed.

Aldrich thought, 'Is it a trap right from the start or is it just a coincidence?

If it is a trap, then they are engaging in some risky business. Did they really put all their hopes on a young human who only has half-step into the nature level? It is utterly impossible.

But if it's a coincidence, is it God's way of saying that I will die today?' The demon king refused to accept such a cruel fate.

It was apparent that beating the Illuminating Soul Realm humans was child's play. Yet, why had it suddenly turned out like this?

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