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   Chapter 209 A Good Plan (Part Two)

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Demon King Aldrich became furious, "How dare you insult a demon king like me? Do you know the consequences of your action?"

"Well, I'm not interested in finding out. I only know that the human and demon are enemies, so don't try to lure me into surrendering," Zen said coldly.

"I like you, unfortunately, you'll have to die. I hope you won't regret the choice you made." Demon King Aldrich heightened the speed and frequency of releasing the evil spirit.

Demon King Aldrich's strength intensified and the pressure in Yolande's shoulder became heavier. At that moment, her beautiful little face turned pale and she was struggling to hang on.

Zen looked at Yolande and saw that she kept that blank face even at a time like this. It made her look more pathetic in trying to look calm and composed.

Even though he didn't like Yolande, he was moved by her determination. "Well, there's no harm in trying again."

Zen also knew that he had no choice but to fight Demon King Aldrich. If Yolande lost in the battle, he would end in a more miserable situation than the people in the White Emperor City.

'This battle has to end now!' Zen made up his mind and jumped from where he was towards Demon King Aldrich.

He was close enough to Demon King Aldrich that he could reach the latter in one jump.

Seeing what Zen was doing, Yolande took this opportunity to release more life vitality from her body. With Demon King Aldrich distracted, she could now take him down for good.

It didn't matter what Zen would do as long as he could distract Demon King Aldrich.

As he approached the demon king, Zen shot a pale-yellow sharp thorn from his forehead and darted at Demon King Aldrich.

"Spiritual Thorn!"

He didn't expect to do much damage to the demon king. His only goal was to dis


Luckily, everyone was paying attention to Zen. No one saw the change in Yolande's expression, not even Zen who was busy planning on how to return the favor to Demon King Aldrich.

While Yolande and Demon King Aldrich continued to face each other, Zen was anxious in coming up with a plan. As he walked back and forth, he caught sight of Hugh in a distance and an idea instantly came to his mind.

He waved his hands in the air to attract Hugh's attention. Amongst the Illuminating Soul Realm masters, Hugh was the only one defeated by Zen in a battle. But despite that, it didn't mean that he wasn't good enough to be one of the masters. All that had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm were either the privileged or the most gifted.

Hugh soon understood what Zen was trying to signal to him.

In their last battle, Zen was able to absorb Hugh's five-clawed Golden Dragon and turned it into the Black Dragon with his demonic life energy. This could mean that Zen could absorb other people's life vitality and used it as his own.

Hugh knew exactly what Zen was planning. Without second thoughts, he stretched out his arms, released his five-clawed Golden Dragon, and sent it to Zen.

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