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   Chapter 208 A Good Plan (Part One)

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The light curtain was egg-shaped, floating in the air.

Zen crawled to the edge of the eggshell and was only a few feet away from Demon King Aldrich.

There was a saying that people couldn't be distracted when competing in battle of life vitality, for Aldrich he believed otherwise. Being the demon king, he was beyond any human belief and standards so a slight disturbance wouldn't affect him.

Zen thought that if he had rushed without thinking, he might be stabbed by the demon king's spike and his life would be over before he knew it. At this point, caution was his only friend.

He thought that the safest way was to attack with his broken flying knife, but he didn't expect to kill demon king with one shot. But if he could injure him, it could cause a considerable amount of effect on the demon king.

With that in mind, Zen gently pressed space ring with his finger and shot flying knife towards the back of the Demon King Aldrich.

Meanwhile, the demon king was ranting about his carelessness in ignoring the human boy when he released the demon's holy fire.

He initially thought that the human boy was as weak as an ant. He wouldn't even pay much attention to a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm, so why would he worry about a meek human boy? He was confident that the boy would eventually be corroded when exposed to his demon's holy fire.

But Demon King Aldrich didn't expect that the boy would consume his demon's holy fire.

He found it strange for an ordinary human to stand his demon's holy fire, let alone consume it like it was nothing.

Witnessing this made him change his perspective about the boy. Since then, he didn't let his guard d

k shadow towards Demon King Aldrich.

Zen was confident at the strength of his Heavenly Ogre Fist. He once defeated the Illuminating Soul Realm master Hugh with it, but Zen knew that his victory was only because Hugh was not 100% into their fight.


But like the flying knife, the purple-black fist shadow hit an invisible barrier before reaching Demon King Aldrich.

Zen failed again. His face showed his disappointment and frustration.

'Damn! Both my flying knife and the Heavenly Ogre Fist didn't work.

There's no way but to approach him myself.

Damn it. But Demon King Aldrich is strong. His strength is far beyond mine. What if he attacks me and kills me in an instant?' Zen thought hopelessly.

"Listen to me, boy! If you stop this nonsense, I will let you live as my servant after I capture the White Emperor City," Demon King Aldrich shouted at Zen.

When Zen heard it, he was angered. He scoffed, "I'm sorry. I'm not interested to be anyone's slave."

"So, what do you want to be?" Demon King Aldrich asked Zen.

"I would like to be your master. What do you think?" Zen sneered.

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