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   Chapter 207 The Battle Of The Life Vitality (Part Two)

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Therefore, instead of fighting against him, the refiners of Illuminating Soul Realm changed their plan and would like to save the human girl. Oceiros had to stop Spencer and other human refiners.

Everyone was so engrossed that they had overlooked one person who was lying on the light curtain, Zen.

Silently lying there, Zen felt a hot mass engulfing his body. It was as hot as the burning lava that he had experienced before.

The golden swirls had absorbed all the demon's holy fire and then converted to such a power that refined his body from head to toe once again.

'Ah, I do not want to feel this again!' Zen cried to himself. He sat up on the light curtain and shook his arms to ease his stiff body. Then, he felt something strange in his chest.

'Wow, what's this? A new spiritual texture is on my chest!' Zen was delighted to see this spiritual texture. Last time when he absorbed the fire of the Earth's core, he also found that a spiritual texture appeared on his chest, which symbolized that he had become the body of spiritual weapon. Now he had two spiritual textures on his chest!

One spiritual texture represented that he was a low-grade spiritual weapon. If he owned two spiritual textures, he had entered the middle-grade.

A smile rose from his face. But on the other hand, he was a little confused. According to the previous experiences, he must absorb the fire to refine his physical body. But how could he receive the same effect after absorbing the black fog?

He felt more confused now. The black fog which he saw was actually the demon's holy fire. It was also a kind of fire, but a special one and few people knew that.

Aside from the new spiritual texture, Zen found some other special things appeared on his body.

Two streak of unique runes ha

said was true.

If Yolande failed in the life vitality battle with Aldrich, the strength of the human refiners would be much lesser than now. Thus, White Emperor City would be in chaos and taken over by the demon. Zen himself might also die as he would be easily pressed to death by one finger of the demon kings.

With all these factors considered, Zen climbed up from the light curtain reluctantly.

Anyway, his slow move satisfied Spencer and other human refiners. However, their smiling faces didn't last long and soon turned to worried ones.

After all, this was Aldrich, a famous and strong demon king, while Zen was just a young man who was only half-step to the nature level.

They two fighters could not afford to be distracted in a battle of the life vitality as the rival might take the chance to attack.

However, Zen was so weak before a demon king. Aldrich might not need to spare too much of his attention and could kill Zen easily.

Anyway, they never knew the result if they did not try. And now, they could only rely on Zen.

The moment was suspended as all were looking at Zen, who was climbing up to the curtain of light and moving towards Aldrich...

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