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   Chapter 205 Oceiros' Pillar

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Zen's body were going through different changes.

And it had happened before. For instance, he once absorbed Evil Lan's fire in a cave. There was also an instance when he absorbed the fire of the Earth's core in an underground cave in the south.

This made his body become a low-grade spiritual weapon.

But Zen didn't know that the black mist was also a kind of flame.

The demon's holy fire was a kind of flame that looked like a black mist because of its very low temperature. All the low-grade demons used it as a secret pill to cultivate their powers.

The way to refine a corporeal body with the demon's holy fire was similar to Zen's mysterious book about weapon refining.

The vortexes on Zen's body were absorbing the black fire quickly.

In a short amount of time, the demon's holy fire that wrapped Yolande and Aldrich was being swallowed by Zen unexpectedly.

And at the rate of his body's absorbing power, Zen could swallow the rest of the demon's holy fire.

The vanishing demon's holy fire harmed Aldrich, while Yolande regained her advantage at the battle.

The powerful men of the Illuminating Soul Realm who were on standby could not believe what they were witnessing.

They didn't agree with Yolande taking the burdensome Zen to the battle, but they couldn't bring it up during the battle.

And after Aldrich released the demon's holy fire, it became hard to tell the outcome of the battle.

But they had never imagined that Yolande's stubbornness could help them in this difficult situation. The little guy had unexpectedly absorbed the demon's holy fire.

One of the demon kings was not in the best fighting capacity with his injuries. And amongst the three demon kings, only Oceiros could salvage the situation now. If Aldrich got injured or died, the demons would be at a disadvantage.

It seemed that the demon kings were discreetly communicating using a secret skill. Their eyes were rolling continuously and then abruptly stopped. Then without verbal words, they started to move simultaneously.

They tried to approach the demon's holy fire from different directions.

The three demon kings aimed to prevent Zen from absorbing all the demon's holy fire. They knew that Aldrich paid a great toll at releasing the demon's holy fire in an instant so they couldn't let anyone destroy it yet.

As long as the demon's holy fire existed, Aldrich would still be invincible.

But if that bloke absorbed the demon's holy fire, it would greatly damage Aldrich.

The three demon kings staying outside the demon's holy fire would prevent Zen from absorbing all of it at any price.

The powerful men of the Illuminating Soul Realm saw through the action of the demon kings and knew exactly what they were planning.


d the hammer.

Spencer sneered and waved the other hammer.


The hammer and the pillar crashed into each other at a high speed and it made a sound that echoed through a hundred miles away.

The battle between the demon army and the imperial army at White Emperor City abruptly stopped at the sound of the horrible blow. They looked up at the sky with fear in their eyes.

The Oceiros' Pillar was smashed to pieces by Spencer's hammer. It turned back to its original form as an evil spirit and then disappeared between heaven and earth.

The other powerful men were having a difficult time facing Oceiros' Pillars.

One of the powerful men waved his machete at the sight of Oceiros' Pillar approaching. When his life vitality was burning crazily, the machete turned into a blood cutter and tried to chop the pillar.

This powerful man was confident in his strength and technique. His blood cutter was a top-grade spiritual weapon and anything it had in contact with would surely be cut in halves. He had not met any weapon that could escape the wrath of his blood cutter since he reached the Illuminating Soul Realm.


But the blood cutter didn't destroy the pillar completely and got stuck deep in the pillar. The powerful man was surprised to see that his blood cutter didn't succeed for the first time.

This cutter user was an old but famous refiner and reached the Illuminating Soul Realm without a sweat. If he were anywhere in the Eastern Region except the Imperial Capital, he would dominate the place and nobody would dare to provoke him. But unexpectedly, he couldn't cut through the Oceiros' Pillar.

He went to pull out the machete from the pillar but didn't make it.

When he came near the pillar, the chains entangled him together with his blood cutter and immediately trapped him inside the pillar.

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