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   Chapter 202 The Demon’s Holy Fire (Part One)

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Zen was trapped in the transparent enchantment. The space was too narrow for him to move his head, let alone to dodge.

Suddenly, the demon king attacked, and it was directed at Zen. The attack was so strong that it could rip Zen's body apart.

Zen was in a critical situation right now. Even if he could move, it was hardly possible for him to dodge Aldrich's bone spur with its speed. Even if he could see it, there was no time for him to react.

"I don't have enough power to destroy this transparent enchantment. But I bet for Aldrich, this would be like smashing a fragile egg. This might be the end of me!" Zen brooded resentfully as the bone spur attack got closer to him.

The moment the bone spur nearly stabbed him, Zen suddenly felt that a force lifted him up and slightly tilted him to one side.

The bone spur brushed past him and left a small graze on his face.

"A narrow escape!"

Zen breathed a sigh of relief. Though he was grateful, Zen was still surprised at Yolande's gesture of saving him in this very critical moment. He thought she didn't care for him at all.

But if Yolande did care, why did she bother to bring him along with her?

It was hard for Zen to decipher Yolande's mind.

But in fact, Yolande's mind wasn't complicated at all. She didn't have much consideration on things and only had one simple purpose.

Zen was undeniably guilty in Yolande's perspective. She thought he should be handed to the Military Office for trial and punishment. However, she was worried that the Military Office would eventually let Zen go, thus she decided to bring him along instead.

Her way of thinking might be considered o

d with determination as she said, "You're right. Even if you run away, I can still catch you anytime. Get ready! I'll release you!"

But before Yolande could release Zen, Aldrich launched another fatal blow.

The demon king stretched his arms and legs and a black energy mass started to accumulate in front of him. It was the demon core of the demon king.

The moment the demon core appeared, it started to emit evil spirits. Instead of spreading randomly, the spirits seemed to be manipulated by some invisible force and they formed into certain figures like water being poured into a vessel. They finally became magic runes.

The runes were far from the characters used by the humans and each seemed to symbolize something. In no time, there were already hundreds of runes slowly spinning around the demon core.

"Yolande, watch out! It's the holy fire of the demon king Aldrich!"

Spencer called out to her from not so far away.

He recognized the runes at once since he fought with Aldrich before and had been possessed by him before. He felt the urge to warn Yolande of this attack.

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