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   Chapter 201 Fierce Fight In The Sky (Part Two)

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However, Aldrich's strength was incomparable.

Even though Zen had applied all his power, he failed to break the transparent enchantment. However, Aldrich merely grasped it, and there was a clear sound of crushing.

To everyone's surprise, Aldrich's claw pierced a hole through the enchantment, and at that point, he tried to seize the girl.

Floating in the air, Yolande saw the demon king's claw reaching to grab her. Even so, she remained unmoved and just blinked her grey eyes. A light flashed on the broken transparent enchantment.


In an instant, the enchantment repaired itself. The demon king's claw, which was passing through the hole of the enchantment, was cut off in the process.

When that happened, Aldrich howled in pain. His loud cry appeared to shake the dark sky.

However, when the demon king started to howl, another sharp enchantment protracted from the primary enchantment that cut his claw and soared towards him. While it clung to his broken arm, the light flashed again and turned into a box, which trapped the whole arm in it.


Several more enchantments appeared in the box quickly and sliced Aldrich's arm into several parts.

Everyone who witnessed the gruesome outcome frowned. They could not help but wonder how painful it must have felt being in Aldrich's place. Secretly, they were just relieved it was not their hand that was cut in several pieces.

Zen was also terrified. It turned out that the name 'Killer Girl' was not out of nothing. In his opinion, the girl was more horrifying than the demon.

Aldrich was in pain and finally knew how to behave. He stumbled backward rapidly, just enough to stay out of Yolande's attacking range. The demon king glared at her with a contorted expression on his ugly face and said, "Woman, I will eat all of your body including your bones!"

The unfazed girl stared at Aldrich wi

ly. The demon king she was battling was probably the fiercest and most powerful demon king among them.

Yet, no matter how many times he attacked, he could not get close enough to Yolande.

When they were chasing and running around, Zen heard another explosion. His eyes sought for the source, and in an instant, he saw the life vitality great god of Spencer wave the huge hammer and smash a demon king!

The attack of the hammer could probably smash an entire hill, but to everyone's surprise, the demon king only sustained an injury. He had such a strong body!

'Alas! On such a battle, all I can do is to cheer them on, ' Zen thought to himself and sighed deeply.

Perhaps Aldrich felt the pressure of his fellows and attacked Yolande more crazily.

Although the girl's expression remained detached, Zen could tell that her stress levels had shot up as well!


After the demon king smashed through several enchantments, suddenly there was a bluish grey bone spur stretching out of his body.

No one saw it coming. As the bone spur was shot, it was not aimed at Yolande. Instead, Aldrich had planned to hit Zen who was behind her!

"Fuck..." When Zen saw the bone spur rushing towards him, he could not help but curse his twisted fate.

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