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   Chapter 200 Fierce Fight In The Sky (Part One)

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The bright moon appeared as though it were a silver pan hanging in the sky. With no clouds seen at night, it was indeed such a remarkable sight.

Upon raising his head and looking around, Zen noticed more than ten people not too far away floating in the high sky. As he slowly got closer, Zen started to recognize them. They were the powerful men of the Illuminating Soul Realm that he had seen in Governor's House earlier.

Meanwhile, in front of these powerful men were four giant animals floating in the sky as well.

All of these giant animals exuded a terrifying evil spirit. However, they were different from the evil spirits of demon soldiers and generals, as theirs could be seen!

Secretly, he could not help but be frightened. 'Their evil spirits are so strong! The four giant animals must be demon kings!' Zen thought to himself.

A demon king was the most powerful. It was the top-tier among all other demons.

In the past, every time a demon king was born, it would bring great damages and horrible deaths.

Before the Burning Sky Empire was founded, a demon king was a nightmare even for powerful men.

According to an ancient book, a demon king once fought all the way in the Eastern Region and destroyed hundreds of cities. He led his subordinates to massacre residents in the city. As a result, in the northwest of the Eastern Region, humans were destroyed and not a soul could be found for thousands of miles.

When the Burning Sky Empire was founded along with the Cloud Sect, the situation was secured at last.

In the last thousands of years, as all kinds of secret skills, cultivation methods, treasures, and geniuses appeared, the power of the demon king was gradually suppressed. Humans in Eastern Region hit back successfully and killed many demon kings.

Regardless, no wise man ever underestimated the strength of a powerful demon king. Especially not in the course of this battle as four of them had banded together. W

dinary ones as they could amplify their strengths continuously.

In the past, the imperial army fought against demons and defeated them many times. However, they had never killed Aldrich.

Since then, no one had projected that Aldrich could reach this level. Even Spencer did not see the demon king's speed clearly just now.

Aldrich curled his lips and said, "The human is delicious as always. What do you think? I can give you another chance. It is not late yet if you surrender now. Otherwise, I will eat all of you one by one in this way!"

"No way!" Spencer answered coldly. As the governor, he could not lose the momentum at any time. "Everyone, be careful. Aldrich's speed has increased a lot. Don't let him get close to you!"

While Spencer concentrated on warning everybody, Aldrich moved again unexpectedly. The latter flapped his huge wings and flew at a high speed. Again, no one caught him with his or her own eyes.


All of a sudden, Aldrich appeared beside Yolande and caught her. "I will eat this white and tender baby!" the demon king said mercilessly.

Yolande was expressionless, though she reacted more rapidly than the powerful man whom Aldrich had swallowed just a moment ago. She shook her finger, and an invisible enchantment appeared like a shield in front of her.

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