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   Chapter 199 The Attack From The Demon (Part Two)

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To avoid making the same mistake of the imperial army protecting the Heaven Tower and Earth Tower alone, all of White Emperor City's people took it upon themselves to act accordingly. They dared not lower their guard and seriously took the demon's attack.

"The four demon kings who attack the White Emperor City this time are very strong, especially Aldrich and Oceiros. The power of these two demon kings is currently unknown and unfathomable. If the war starts, I suggest that some of us try to hinder Aldrich...." Spencer continued and recommended some guys among them. All the officers, especially those who were mentioned listened attentively.

As he spoke, Spencer gently pressed his hand flat before him on the tabletop. Then, in the middle of the table appeared some screen pictures. The said table was a huge Picture Slab. Displayed on the slab were the names of the four demon kings, and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Based on this information, they started to discuss and work out their plan of action. Suddenly, Spencer's face changed, and his lips curved up into a wry smile. "It seems the meeting couldn't continue. I felt a few giant evil spirits flying straight to the White Emperor City!"

He didn't have to explain anything further. All of them knew that the huge, incoming evil spirits must be from the four strong demon kings Spencer had just talked about.

"In that case, let's just knock them down first!" an old man said. He had been standing nearby and hadn't said a word the whole time, until now.

Spencer nodded in agreement and said, "Let's get ready and fight!"

All of them obeyed Spencer's order and stood up to get ready. They dashed quickly out of the room, and some of them flew out from the roof of the governor's house like fast streams of light.

Meanwhile, Yolande did not move and stood in her original place. After a while, she too flew out with a tilt of the head, as if to remember something. But instead of flying through the roof opening, she rushed out through the house door and hovered low on the ground's rocky surface.

On the other hand, Zen and the military officers with him walked not too far away.

"You have to wait in the office these days when the demon attacks the city. Don't worry. I can see that the governor doesn't want to make trouble for you," one of the officers said.

When Zen heard the words of the officer, he nodded his head. It was better than staying with Yolande, regardless of where he went. It was really difficult for Zen to stay with Yolande as his body suffered to the point

downward against its transparent surface.

Meanwhile, Yolande flew above Zen. Her snow-white dress billowed like a floating cloud around her. Her long, straight legs loomed below her dress, and her wooden clogs felt shaky on her feet. It seemed that the clogs would fall any moment now, but they still clung on to her feet.

The demon birds targeted her too, but the arrows all seemed to hit an invisible wall around her and fell down uselessly to the ground.

Suddenly, a faint light gleamed through the whites of her eyes.

She squinted her eyes in response. No one knew what kind of thing she had done. However, the transparent enchanted barriers around her body seemed to burst into pieces and began spread out. The fragments of the invisible wall broke into irregular shapes like triangles and circles. An invisible force pushed them towards the demon birds and scattered around them like crystal clear raindrops.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

The fragments immediately stabbed the demon birds. The crystal-like formations hacked the demons' bodies into pieces, their wings and other parts falling down in rapid succession.


Many demon birds burst into a shrill cry. They were even lucky to have had screamed out as most of them were instantly sliced and killed into pieces, their scaly limbs falling down to the battlefield below.

The sight of the falling demon birds made Zen shake his head. He took an almost gleeful delight in seeing the demon birds killed violently by Yolande. "Oh, demon birds, why didn't you find another rival instead? Why did you choose to provoke Yolande. You even did not have chance to fight!' he thought, and it made his heart feel somewhat happy.

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