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   Chapter 198 The Attack From The Demon (Part One)

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Dubious looks were plastered on everyone's faces and hushed whispers were heard in the room. If someone else had mentioned these words, people would take them as a joke.

It had been a while since Hugh entered the Illuminating Soul Realm. Although he wasn't the strongest refiner among the people at the Illuminating Soul Realm, he would definitely be a great power in front of the refiner of half-step into the nature level. Those in the Illuminating Soul Realm and half-step into nature level differed in strength, as was the case with a strong tiger versus small ant. It was a common knowledge among the people.

However, when did the Illuminating Soul Realm refiners become so weak that a refiner half-step into the nature level could defeat Hugh?

So, people at present felt confused to hear what Yolande had said just now.

On the other hand, all of them knew Yolande very well. She wasn't born to tell a lie and she was honest by default. If she said that Hugh was almost killed by the boy half-step into the nature level, it must have really happened. They wanted to believe what she said, but they couldn't see how it happened.

"Are you serious, Yolande?" Spencer asked. He was surprised to hear that too, and he could only ask about it on behalf of all the people present with them.

"Yes, Hugh would have died had I not interfered," Yolande replied in her usual calm tone.

Everybody fell silent again when they heard this. As they watched Zen again, a strange tinge of light shone in their eyes when they saw that Zen could defeat Hugh at the Illuminating Soul Realm by using only the strength that was just half-step into the nature level. What a strong and strange refiner Zen was!

Unlike the curious looks on most people, Hugh felt annoyed and shameful after Yolande's explanation as he was one of the heroes of the conversation. His face turned red like a mature persimmon. He flushed like the shade of cherries so deep that his skin almost turned purple. It seemed as though the blood would bleed away with a mere gentle press on his face.

"No, no, no, I wouldn't die even if Yolande did not intervene! I would only be seriously wounded at most," Hugh explained hastily. He couldn't help but stand up as he defended himself.

However, after he had finished, he realized that he was too dumb and impulsive to say that. He would have cried, if there weren't so many important people among them. When Hugh thought of the whole thing, he felt that he wanted the ground to s

litary Office..." Zen heard someone whisper close to him.

It was Lennie, who closely approached him and secretly muttered in his ear, then gave him a knowing wink.

For most soldiers, the Military Office was a dangerous place. However, Lennie was confident that he could rescue Zen from that place. Josef, who was a counselor for the imperial army, was actually killed by Zen.

It was easy for Lennie though, to protect Zen through the Military Office.

In turn, Zen nodded to show his understanding. Soon enough several Military Office officers came in. Two of them carried out Spencer's command to take Zen out. They escorted Zen out of the room and quietly shut the door.

After Zen and the officers had left, Spencer began to arrange the Imperial Army's combat plan.

The remaining people in the room gathered around Spencer and the discussion started. "This time, the demon must have planned the attacks for long. Since the demon dares to attack the city at this moment, we must not despise them and must be extremely careful in the fight," Spencer said as he analyzed the current situation. The demon never started a fight without extensive preparation and unless they were fully confident to win.

For example, the Heaven Tower and the Earth Tower had been built so long ago that they had never been attacked head - on by the demon.

Last time, however, the demon came well-prepared and surprised the imperial army. The demon had successfully occupied these two towers with only one fight.

And now, they were planning to attack the White Emperor City. Who could know what the demons had prepared and on what great power were they going to rely?

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