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   Chapter 197 Governor's House

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After dropping her skirt onto his box, Yolande jumped into the barrel and now, Zen could only see her lean shoulders and back.

As his eyes fell on her slender back, he was very astonished.

It was totally different from what he had imagined. The skin on her back wasn't smooth at all. Instead, it was covered with numerous scars.

These scars, like earthworms clambering on her back, seemed to have been left by various objects including whips and swords.

Based on Yolande's power and position, it would have been a piece of cake for her to remove them all. For example, it would be very easy for her to use the Skin Nursing Pill warmly welcomed by the women of Imperial Capital to heal her skin.

For the common people, the Pill wasn't so affordable. But for Yolande, it would have been easy to buy one.

'Does she want to keep these scars?' Zen mused in his heart, 'What has happened to this maiden and made her so nonchalant about herself?'

As Zen was pondering over this, Yolande suddenly stood up with a splashing sound and looked around. It didn't take her long to realize that Zen was peeping at her. Frowning, she waved her lily-white hands and her long, colorful dress draped itself over the entire box.

Now the box was completely wrapped and Zen couldn't see a thing.

He heard the ruffle of her putting on her clothes, and when the box was uncovered, he saw that Yolande was already dressed.

Now, she was in a loose white garment with four slender fingers unfolded by each of the long sleeves, which showed her slim body and made her look particularly cute.

But seeing her cold face, Zen instantly realized that she wasn't cute at all.

"Bang Bang Bang!"

She dragged Zen out of the bathroom.

From what he had gathered, Yolande seemed to have no interest in anything, except for martial arts.

As they entered her room, Yolande threw Zen-in-a-box into a corner and seemingly forgot about him. She sat on a cushion, closed her eyes, and began to meditate.

Zen was totally at a loss. If Yolande had really made up her mind to free him only after the Military Office reopened, he was going to be in great trouble, which was why he had to try his best to run away.

Having thought it over and over again, Zen shouted at Yolande suddenly, "Hey!"

Zen's "Hey" was very loud in the quiet room.

But Yolande sat still without any response.

"Hey!" Zen shouted again.

But Yolande seemed just like an old monk who was completely devoted to his meditation. She seemed to have closed all her senses and wasn't hearing anything from the outside world. She merely sat still, meditating, or practicing her martial arts.

"I will run away if you ignore me!" Zen nerved himself and threatened.

Seeing that Yolande didn't respond, Zen said again and then dragged himself towards the door.

As Zen passed by Yolande, he saw that her eyes were still closed, but her nostrils did spread slightly, maybe or maybe not in reaction t


"Yolande, What's wrong with that man?" Spencer asked in surprise. He noticed that the man was in a white robe and looked like an outer disciple of Cloud Sect.

Though Yolande did something strange occasionally, it was unacceptable for her to take a guy at half-step into the nature level to such an important military conference.

"He is a criminal and he has committed a serious crime. I will send him to the Military Office after the Military Office reopens," Yolande replied with a cold face, walking towards her seat.

"A criminal? What has he done?" Hearing what Yolande said, Spencer was now more interested in Zen and asked.

However, at that moment, Hugh got extremely worried.

Because it would be a crying shame for him if everyone heard the news that he, a standout of Illuminating Soul Realm, was almost killed by Zen, a young man only half-step into the nature level. He tried hard to wink at Yolande, asking her to keep the secret.

But Yolande was an honest person and she couldn't understand what Hugh meant at all. Instead, she asked Hugh, "Hugh, why are you winking at me?"

All the other standouts were amazed, and began to link Zen with Hugh.

Lennie knew what Hugh intended to do, but he couldn't help anyone right now. He also knew that even if he had helped, the situation couldn't be changed because there was no one, not even Spencer, could stop Yolande from saying or doing anything. Seeing Hugh's worried face, Lennie couldn't help chuckling to himself, but he had to stifle his laugh even though he was laughing so much that it hurt his stomach.

"No, nothing..." Hugh waved his hand and replied. He scolded himself for being so stupid, because he had known Yolande was very ignorant, so how could she get his meaning?

Yolande stared at Hugh with confusion and said "Okay", and then she told Spencer, "This guy killed Josef today and almost killed Hugh as well."


Hearing Yolande's words, all of them were astonished.

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