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   Chapter 194 Yolande

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The five-clawed blackish purple dragon was savagely ripped into pieces by another five-clawed golden dragon. Then the demonic life energy that came out from the body of the dead dragon penetrated into the golden dragon.

The golden dragon became darker, and in a blink of an eye, it became a black dragon with its body bigger than before. It became more powerful and ruthless, more stunning than ever.

Zen smiled, "You may have suffered a loss but don't let it define you…"

The general of the imperial army witnessed everything and was amazed by the golden dragon's transformation. He jabbered, "How… How... How did it happen?"

The disciples of Cloud Sect that watched the battle were all speechless.

Zen was triumphant that dark purple life energy was whirling wildly around him like a strong electrical bolt.

And the victorious dragon swirled in the sky and then dashed to the general of the imperial army.

The general's face turned pale as he realized that this dragon was too powerful. Under the critical situation, he couldn't think of an appropriate way to save himself in such a short time and all of a sudden, another golden dragon appeared above his hand.

The disciples of Cloud Sect saw what happened.

"The general of the imperial army is a powerful man of Illuminating Soul Realm, but foolish. Is he courting death?"

"It's a shame that he is part of Illuminating Soul Realm. It's unbelievable… He is too foolish!"

The assessment of the disciples was right, as another five-clawed golden dragon was swallowed by the enormous black dragon of Zen and its size had tripled.

The five-clawed golden dragon was so huge that it could wind around a palace instantly.

Zen's dragon was now three times bigger than its original size. The giant animal glistened and swirled in the sky, and once it would go down, it could destroy the whole world.

Then Zen motioned to his giant dragon and waved his hand to it. The giant five-clawed dragon obeyed its master and dashed like a speeding bullet to the general. The dragon roared and howled at him.

The general was rigid with fear and regretted everything.

He defended Josef!

There were countless capable men in White Emperor City. Why did he ever choose Josef? He never thought he could lose his precious life because of this mistake.

But he did no wrong! That bloke was only half-step into the nature level, and he was a powerful man of Illuminating Soul Realm. Couldn't he fight with a small man who was just weaker? The general was lost in his hopeless thoughts. He was scared and deeply frustrated at the same time.

When the giant dragon went down to him and tried to get closer, a barrier appeared out of nowhere.

The barrier was a square box, enwrapping and protecting the general of the imperial army.

The barrier was so indestructible that… no matter how the giant dragon thumped and pounded heavily, it wou

ng wooden shoes. She gracefully waved her hand, and countless boxes appeared in the sky, rushing to Zen.

Zen skillfully avoided them one by one without a stop, but there were too many boxes. At last, he was forced to the ground, and a box covered him.

Zen touched the box, bit his teeth and punched it.

It was so indestructible no matter how hard he smashed.

When he was fighting with Josef, he shot him with a Nine-foot Spectroscope, and he couldn't break into the light, but it eventually swayed after he hit it with his strong fist.

But he couldn't destroy the translucent box that he was imprisoned into. It remained firm from his violent punch.

"I'll destroy you."

Suddenly, more than a hundred dragon scales lit up and glistened in Zen's mind. With the ferocious strength, he summoned all his power and punched the box, yet it remained unmoved.

"Demonic life energy. Devour!"

Zen released the demonic life energy and tried to swallow the box, but the demonic life energy which was powerful had lost for the first time.

"Broken flying knife!"

Zen took out the broken flying knife from the space ring. The sharp flying blade which could cut everything on its way couldn't even break into the box.

Meanwhile, Yolande's long colorful dress floated gently as she walked with her clattering shoes. She came to Zen, "It's no use. You couldn't defeat my enchanted barrier."

"Enchanted barrier? Is this an enchantment?" Zen furrowed his brow and was caught in deep thought.

"Since you didn't choose a way to die, I will make that choice for you." Yolande stretched out her snow-white hand and waved her slender fingers lightly. Within seconds, a sharp-edged, thin and glowing enchanted barrier appeared on her hand.

Its glow was blinding and she put the enchantment inside the box.

Zen was standing still and breathing heavily. If the enchantment was pushed in, it would cut through his neck…

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