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   Chapter 193 The Five-clawed Blackish Purple Dragon (Part Two)

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Meanwhile, Nina's eyes glinted brightly with hope for Zen to win, as she also got lost in the same thoughts. The hand that tightly held the thunder stone in its grip still slightly trembled, but deep inside, she had realized that maybe, she had thought too much. Although Zen was only half-step into the nature level, it was true that he was a rare talent. Thus, it was no wonder that he got to keep the dragon under his control.

Even though his opponent had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, Zen had finally figured out a way against his opponent.

She was happy that Zen at least got to hold his own ground against a much more capable contender.

On the other hand, Lenard, who held a black sword and a white one, was in total disbelief. Under the current situation, he had contemplated if he should still help Zen or not.

It was true that Lenard was always too conceited. Although he didn't rank top ten in terms of strength on the Skytop Peak, he had a wealth of many other talents, wherein he had quickly reached one level after another at the fastest pace. Even if he was not in the top 10 rankings now, he would undoubtedly be included in the list in the future.

No vain man wanted to owe a debt of gratitude. It was completely opposite to their character.

Previously in the Sky Forest, Zen had saved Lenard's life. Because of that, he was protective of Zen in this battle against the general. However, it was simply because he wished to repay him the debt of gratitude.

Strongmen who were at the Illuminating Soul Realm were surely powerful. However, unlike them who entered this realm, Lenard was also cultivating a mystical skill. Once he had harnessed this skill, his strength would be significantly enhanced over a short period of time. He had been confident that his abilities would help Zen reduce the general's strengths in half, but whether Zen could defeat the general or not still depended upon himself.

Like all the other spectators preset, Lenard was also confused about which weird trick Zen had played. It came as no surprise that he was totally shocked by what Zen had achieved as well. Zen didn't flinch at all when faced with a fierce attack from the general who was at the Illuminating Soul Realm. He had even caught the five-clawed golden dragon and got it under his control.

Another five-clawed golden dragon showed up in his hand in a flash. Just like the former dragon, this one also lunged on the five-clawed blackish purple dragon.

The dragons' bodies twisted and writhed violently against each other as they fought fiercely in the sky.

Soon enough, their battle had come to an end.

It turned out that the new golden dragon was far more vicious than the blackish purple one. After only battling for a few moments, it had torn the blackish purple dragon's body into pieces, and destroyed it into several parts.

A self-satisfied smile made its way on the general's face at the final outcome of the battle. "The dragon under your control is just an illusion! Your dragon has given itself away immediately after battling my five-clawed golden dragon!" he said triumphantly.

The truth was, the strengths of the two dragons weren't even on par with each other.

First and foremost, the newer five-clawed golden dragon was converted from life vitality, but the blackish purple one was only formed by life energy. In other words, their natures completely differed from each other. Moreover, the golden dragon consumed life vitality which significantly enhanced its power by a mile.

The battle was grueling and had everyone on the edge of their seats. The general had the upper hand at first. Then, Zen suddenly made a surprising move which turned the odds in his favor, but in the end, the general still won. Although the tables had been turned for his win, the imperial army general's smile didn't last long.

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