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   Chapter 189 The Killing Intention (Part Two)

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Despite her recent actions, Nina looked calm and even sported a sneer. The female disciple did not open her mouth to speak while she stood beside Zen. As long as he was nearby, she could feel a sense of security, which was reassuring.

Those who came from noble clans rarely fought each other, as they were often aware of the other clan's strength. It was why they were cautious whenever they met someone from another noble clan.

However, the woman from Zhu Clan startled him with her reckless behavior. Josef had not planned to fight, but she tried to destroy him by releasing the Shock Dragon. Had he failed to evade the attack, it would have been the end of him!

Enraged by her audacity, Josef said, "I don't care who you are. Because of what you did, I will make sure you die today. No. I will make you serve my brothers in the army, and then kill you! You, and you, both of you get over here this instant. I am afraid there are demons lurking around. Kill all the resisters!"

Although Zen appeared to be calm after hearing the counselor's commands, there was a distinctive murderous glint in his eyes.

Indeed, Zen hesitated a little in the beginning. He did not wish to go up against Josef and all the people who chose to fall for the latter's deception. On the other hand, that did not mean that he was afraid of them.

After all, the opponent was an army man, and they were in White Emperor City.

If it were up to him, he wouldn't resort to an aggressive solution like fighting. In fact, he preferred Lenard's approach earlier. He almost subdued Josef by merely making him doubt his own judgments.

Alas, Josef's commands made it clear that some people were going to get hurt today. Nonviolent resolutions were out of the question, and Zen saw no way of changing that.

Anyone who knew him would know that his calm appearance was only a cover-up for the rage that was consuming his heart.

In a steady manner, Zen took one light step forward as though he were drifting.

When his right foot touched the ground,

wore an unreadable expression. It appeared as though he was assessing his situation.

He was a warrior at the grade six of nature level, but his abilities were cultivated depending on the pills. Unfortunately, he did not possess an astounding physical strength. The counselor was only good at strategy and military science.

Nevertheless, he was more than aware of the strength of his two guards. When they fought together, they could bring down four demon generals.

No matter how much Josef thought about it, he couldn't justify how Zen defeated the two guards so easily.

When Yale warned him not to underestimate Zen and not to see him as a refiner half-step into the nature level, he thought his plan was more than enough for a single prisoner.

Based on his warnings, Josef thought two guards was all it would take to defeat the man.

Alas, Zen's strength was beyond Josef's expectation.

At that moment, Josef was at a loss. He could do nothing else but take a step back!

Filled with inexplicable fear, the counselor fled from the fight. As a desperate attempt in causing a diversion, he threw willow leaf darts at his opponent while running away.

Zen did not take the willow leaf darts seriously, and let the counselor shoot them. Then, with these sharp darts going in his direction, he rushed towards Josef without batting an eye.

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