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   Chapter 188 The Killing Intention (Part One)

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Zen stood in the crowd and stared at the general. The man looked strange, and Zen had never seen him before.

"Why can't I leave? Who are you?" he asked in a deep voice. If someone came looking for him, that could only spell bad news.

Suddenly, someone whose head was covered with gauze appeared from the side. "Zen, I have sworn that you will die with your boots on," he said menacingly. "Did you naturally think you can run for your life?"

Even with his face completely concealed, and only his eyes were seen, Zen still recognized his voice. It was Yale. Before the demon attacked the city, Zen had knocked some sense into him a few times.

"Oh, it's Yale. What did you do? Did you really ask your brother to come here?" he asked casually, though he grasped the flying blade in his hand. The general before his eyes was powerful. Apart from him, there were two soldiers on the side.

The soldiers appeared to be at the grade six of nature level. However, based on their decisive breath, their strength should not be underestimated.

In fact, Zen's own strength was far more powerful than what should be in the realm. Thus, he did not blindly judge the opponent's strength.

"I am Josef. I have heard about you from my younger brother. They said you've offended many members of our Zhuge family, such as Chad and Fren. Now, you hit Yale? Very few people dare to offend anyone in our family. Today, you came to White Emperor City where I will treat you well. My suggestion, however, is that you cut your own arms by yourself, wear this chain, and follow me. Otherwise... You will meet your doom!" As soon as Josef uttered the last words, he whipped out a chain used to capture prisoners, and belted it on the ground.

"Cut my arms by myself?" Zen raised his brows first, and then laughed loudly as though he heard a sarcastic joke. In a dauntless manner, he stated, "You are just a counselor. As a member of the

r seeing that the number of the people beside Zen had decreased, Josef smiled again and stated smugly, "Except for Zen, the rest of you may leave. I dare say, only the fools do not know what to choose!"

However, as soon as Josef paused, he saw a blinding flash coming from the hand of a female disciple standing behind Zen.

The flash converged rapidly to form a dragon-shaped life vitality. Then it shot towards Josef with immense power.


In that very moment, Josef sensed that his life was in peril. The mere thought of losing this way sent chills down his spine, so he willed himself to jump suddenly, and avoided the Shock Dragon.

The Shock Dragon rushed over all the way, with no signs of stopping, and finally hit a house behind Josef. The entire building did not stand a chance against it and collapsed in an instant.


The house crumbled down, and there were smoke and dust all over the ground.

After his close brush with death, Josef wore a straight face. Even the soldiers he brought with him did not know how to react to the female disciple's attempt.

Although no one could still see Yale's face clearly, his eyes spoke volumes as they glistened with terror.

"Shock Dragon? Someone of Zhu Clan!" The furious counselor glared at Nina.

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