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   Chapter 187 Attack Of The Demons (Part Two)

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The demon general continued his ascent towards the catapult. The presence of the soldier in front of him proved to be no hindrance at all. In fact, he simply waved a heavy arm and slapped his body away upon reaching him.

The impact of the slap directly crushed the soldier's body which sent him flying to his death!

At this point, the demon general got much closer to the firing catapult.

The remaining two soldiers set up an arrow as fast as they could and fired it up at the sky. A demon bird and a demon general got hit and instantly became two balls of fire. Although the two soldiers looked calm and fearless on the outside, they clearly knew that death awaited them just like their companion.

Finally, the demon general had reached the catapult. When he was about to smash the two soldiers into pieces, he suddenly felt a dangerous presence from behind him.

However, when he turned around to look, the dangerous aura had vanished.

He simply shrugged it off and turned his head back to the two remaining soldiers. Just as he did so, a broken flying knife came to greet him in the face!

His eyes went wide for a fraction of a second as he tried to dodge the force but it turned out that it was too late. He instinctively blocked his face with his right arm, hoping his thick and leathery skin would save him from the weapon.

It was only when the blade of the knife had struck his skin that the demon general realized how foolish it was to use his arm to block it. It turned out the knife was not just an ordinary knife and it was far sharper than what he had imagined.

His tough and strong arm posed no resistance to the flying knife as it passed through his limb, slicing right down in the middle.

The knife's blade was able to cut through the arm muscle and went straight to his head.


The demon general's hideous head was cut into two by the flying knife as it fell to the floor with a dull thud. His eyes remained bulbous and bulged even in his last moments, which showed just how shocked and in disbelief he was at his death.

The broken


"Even if no one will come to pick us up, we can go back by ourselves. We just have to avoid those demons. Don't you think so?" one disciple suggested. Majority of them agreed and quickly accepted this proposal.

Since no chariot would come pick them up anyway, they might as well take the disciple's suggestion and escape by themselves.

The disciples from Cloud Sect played no major role in the war. Furthermore, once the demons launched a full-scale invasion of White Emperor City, the imperial army would never arrange for any form of protection for them.

If only one or two demon generals landed near them, Lenard and Zen could handle it.

However, if they were attacked by legions of demon generals, who among them could defeat such a massive force?

It would be even worse if they were to face off a demon king, who could undoubtedly kill them in a second! In short, the disciples were too weak and incapable to fight in the war by themselves.

Just as they were in the heat of their discussion, the loud clanking of footsteps was heard through the other side of the camp's door.

It turned out to be a squad line from the imperial army.

The barrack door suddenly burst open, showing a general dressed in the imperial army's uniform. "All the disciples from Cloud Sect are allowed to leave except Zen!" the general announced in a loud, authoritative voice.

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