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   Chapter 185 Smacking Yale In The Face

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"Zen, you bastard, you're lucky you're not dead in the hands of the demon generals." Yale Zhuge said out loud, a sly smile hanging on his lips.

The disciples of Cloud Sect were positioned in White Emperor City, waiting to be picked up by their overseers. The narrow escape from death had alleviated their sense of danger and granted them much-needed relief. They reveled in their survival for the time being. Laughter rang out in the camp as the usually aggressive disciples engaged in cordial talk. Yale's loud voice broke this harmony and the others whipped their heads in his direction, annoyed at the remark.

"Yale, you were well-behaved in the Sky Forest. Now that we're in White Emperor City, you've become arrogant and rude. Is it because you're confident your brother would protect you?" asked Lenard rather sharply. Before Zen could respond to Yale's words, Lenard and Cleve shifted to move in front of him and blocked Yale's path.

"Why, Lenard, you're absolutely right. White Emperor City is my territory. You might be dominant at Cloud Sect, but you're nothing here. I advise you to stop meddling," Yale said, a hint of disdain in his words.

Lenard opened his mouth to spit out a fitting reply, but Zen held up a hand to stop him. The latter took a step forward. "I'm in a good mood today, Yale, so I'll give you a shot to save yourself. Get out of here!" Zen rested his gaze on Yale and said calmly.

Yale paled at Zen's words. He thought everyone would be afraid of him because of his brother's influence in the city. Zen stood in front of him with his chin tilted in defiance, mocking Yale's false sense of authority. He blinked in embarrassment. "Zen, you did kill the demon generals. So do you really think you're mightier than everyone else?" he scoffed, the tip of his ears reddening. "There are plenty of people stronger than you. You're not capable of driving me out!"

"I can't vouch for Zen's capabilities, but I'm quite sure you're not qualified enough to confront Zen," a melodious female voice sounded near Yale and he froze instantly. The disciples turned to the source of the mocking voice and saw Nina Zhu standing at a distance, a murderous look adorning her face.

The girl cocked a graceful eyebrow. She held a small jade box in her hand that was aimed at Yale.

Yale stared at her in shock, his jaw clenched. Others might not be aware of how terrible the hidden weapons of the Zhu Clan were, but Yale was a member of the Zhuge Clan, one of the top seven noble clans including the Zhus. He knew very well the destructive power of her inconspicuous, harmless-looking jade box.

If Nina pressed the button at the front and triggered the machine inside, the Shock Dragon would leap out and turn his bones to ash.

Yale stood rooted to his spot, not daring to move an inch. He cursed inwardly. Was this girl mad? Zen was the one he was challenging. It was none of her business. Did she really want to kill him over something so paltry? This altercation didn't involve her.

"Nina, this is between Zen and me. Wh

was far beyond others.

"Yale's brother is a counselor to the imperial army in White Emperor City. He would surely seek retaliation," Lenard said, furrowing his brows.

After all, they were not in Cloud Sect anymore, but in White Emperor City. If Yale asked his brother to avenge him, Zen would be facing a monumental complication.

The Zhuge Clan wasn't the strongest, but it was the most resourceful among the top seven noble clans. They were exceptional when it came to military strategies and battle arrays.

Yale's brother, Josef, did not display prominent strength either, although he was at the grade six of the nature level. After all, there were generations of talented masters in White Emperor City.

Josef had only become a counselor in White Emperor City by sheer virtue of his intelligence.

The position of a counselor was reverential in the city. Josef's success was closely linked with the support he got from the Zhuge Clan, but his own performance could not be disregarded. A mediocre man could never live long on the Shura Battlefield.

In skittering voices, The disciples reminded Zen to be careful of Josef.

Zen smiled calmly and in turn comforted them. But their hearts were still uneasy. After all, they were now in another's stronghold, without the protection of the Cloud Sect, and the army was usually not reliable.

Nina stood not far away, gazing at Zen in secret from under her lashes. She had made up her mind. No matter who tried to outmaneuver Zen, she would do everything she could to put an end to it.

Just as the disciples moved the topic of conversation to their return to Cloud Sect, a muffled sound was heard.

The noise, although not loud, seemed to come from the deep underground.

The very next moment, they felt the floor underneath them begin to tremble.

"It's the demons! They are attacking!" the soldiers shouted.

The incessant sound of a ringing bell broke through, and the disciples of Cloud Sect turned white, the blood draining from their faces at once.

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