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   Chapter 184 The Shura Battlefield (Part Two)

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He walked back and forth for dozens of steps and tried to operate his life energy at the same time. Finally, Zen felt as though he was fine.

Although Zen had been in a dreamless state, he remembered what happened before.

He had faced six demon generals and fought against them, risking his life. He had used his demonic life energy and killed them all.

Even if Zen had the body of a spiritual weapon, it was difficult for him to recover after being severely injured by the bone spurs from the demon generals.

Before his strength and senses became weak, Zen remembered that countless tiny silver swords had fallen from the sky and stabbed the demon general...

While thinking back, he remembered that he had been trying to save an inner disciple named Nina.

Just at this time, the door opened. A lady dressed in a light purple dress stood at the doorway. A thin, long golden hairpin glimmered in her hair. She looked so pure and beautiful that Zen was in a daze.

"Why do you look at me in this way?" The lady smiled at Zen.

Zen blinked and finally dared to confirm after hearing her voice, "Are you Nina Zhu?"

It was said that the woman changed fast in physical appearance. She had been dressed in a black robe when Zen had first met Nina. Now, she was dressed in regular clothes.

Nina smiled and said in a low voice, "Please, call me Nina." A crimson blush crept on Nina's face. Till now, she had not asked a man to address her intimately.

"Nina," Zen said with a nod. he hadn't thought that calling a woman by her name was unusual.

"Where am I?" Zen looked out the window as he spoke. Several tall white buildings filled his view. The environment was strange to him.

Nina laughed before she said, "Follow me!"

Then she turned and left the room. With a small smile, Zen followed. On the way, Nina told Zen, "This is the White Emperor City!"

"White Emperor City? Is this the White Emperor City that is guarded by millions of soldiers of the Imperial Army?" While speaking Zen turned his head and looked around. He had read in a book that White Emperor City was made of dolostone and looked snow-white because of the stone's characteristic white color. The city also defended the Shura region...

Zen had hence, learned something about White Emperor City before. He knew that it was made of dolo

They knew that Zen was alive. They also knew that he had been in recovery for the past two days since his injuries were critical. They were naturally concerned about his recovery.

Zen shrugged and smiled, "See, I am OK!"

At the moment, Lenard and the others from the Skytop Peak stepped forward and surrounded Zen. Apparently, they were all worried about him as well.

Suddenly, all the disciples gathered around Zen and began chattering. Zen knew that the disciples of Cloud Sect had suffered significant losses in this trial to slay the demon.

Almost every peak had reported dead or injured disciples. Blackrock Peak had suffered the most as all ten disciples had died while protecting the disciples of Lady Peak. Besides the Blackrock Peak, all the disciples from three other peaks had been killed by demon generals.

As they spoke, several disciples from Skywrath Peak entered the camp.

The disciples of the Skytop Peak, Drizzle Peak, and Lady Peak saw the people from the Skywrath Peak and made a long face.

After Zen left to chase the demon general, they had a conflict with the disciples of the Skywrath Peak.

At that time, the disciples of Skywrath Peak thought they couldn't defeat disciples from Skytop Peak and gave up.

But after they entered White Emperor City, Yale, the leader of Skywrath Peak, had become arrogant again. It was said that Yale's elder brother was in the Imperial Army and had an important post in White Emperor City.

At this time, Yale saw Zen, and a sly smile grew on his face. He walked up to Zen.

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