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   Chapter 183 The Shura Battlefield (Part One)

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Payne walked over slowly and looked at Zen. He frowned when he saw the wounds on Zen's body. Then he turned to Lennie and said, "So many bone spurs have penetrated this guy that his body looks like a sieve! How awful!"

"If he were not so severely injured, I wouldn't have come to you," Lennie said crossly. Lennie had many kinds of pills with which to cure injuries. However, Zen was in a critical condition with a slim chance of survival. Lennie had no choice but to bring him to Payne.

Payne stretched out his fat, short finger and slowly pressed on Zen's neck. At the same time, he carefully avoided the acupuncture needles on Zen's body.

Payne moved his hand over Zen's body, pressing along the way. Finally, he reached Zen's belly. Payne frowned when he felt something unusual.

"This bloke's body... is weird! I have diagnosed thousands of people, but I have never seen such a body!" Payne said in surprise.

"Haha. He killed several demon generals single-handedly even though he is only a half-step into the nature level. I would be surprised if this bloke isn't special!" Lennie thought that all capable men had something extraordinary.

Some of them cultivated a special cultivation method, some had a unique magic weapon and some had an extraordinary innate capability.

The world was big, and it was filled with countless people who were either capable or could perform miracles. With their experience, Lennie and Payne were unlikely to be surprised at something they thought perfectly normal. Lennie continued, "Payne, stop pretending. You just want to raise the price. I warn you not to go too far!"

Payne smiled sheepishly, "What I have said is true. Have a look at this bloke's meridians. They are as hard as gold and iron. It is like his body is not made of flesh and blood. Can you find another like him in this world?"

"Cut th

Payne walked out of the room.

Nina rushed forward and asked with concern, "Doctor Xue, how is Zen?"

Payne laughed, "You worry as though he were infected with some complex or challenging disease! He was just injured. He is fine now and will be better once he has rested for a day or two!"

Zen was critically wounded after his fight with the demon generals. If he had consumed high-grade pills such as the Red Cloud Pill or the Nine Turns Recovering Pill immediately after the battle, he would have recovered on his own and wouldn't have needed Payne's help.

However, there was a long delay, and Zen had become too weak. This was why Lennie had thought it necessary to bring Zen to Payne.

From the time Lennie placed the acupuncture needles in Zen, till he recovered, Zen was in a dreamless state.

After he woke, Zen took a few minutes to remember what had happened. When Zen looked around, he found that he was lying on a bed.

He stretched his hand and gingerly touched his chest. Shock was reflected in Zen's eyes when he realized that his wounds were gone.

"I am fine? All my wounds have healed?" When Zen found that there was nothing wrong with his body, he sat up. Then he jumped down from the bed and stretched.

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