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   Chapter 182 A Skilled But Greedy Doctor (Part Two)

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Nina was stunned. For so many years, the people of Shura Battlefield had worked hard to progress against the demons. Little by little, they had built two massive towers, the Heaven tower, and the Earth tower, to resist the demons. However, this time, the situation seemed to be unprecedentedly grim, as the demons had now occupied the two towers......

Flying on the sword was faster than running on foot in the forest.

Lennie directed the sword to carry them northwest. They flew like the wind, and soon, they reached their destination. Nina gasped as she saw a big white city.

"It is the White Emperor City!"

Since all the buildings and walls in the city were made of dolostone which was white and very hard, the city was called White Emperor City for its white color.

Lennie and Nina landed at the gate of White Emperor City with Zen who was still comatose.

Several soldiers appeared at the gate and, seeing Lennie, said respectfully, "Sir, if you want to enter the city, please show your jade token and accept our checks to let us make sure that you are not dressed up!"

Lennie knew these rules, and so, he removed his token from his waist and handed it to the soldiers.

After checking the token carefully, the soldiers returned it to Lennie.

Then they waved at the other soldiers on the wall who were handling a big demon-revealing mirror.

The demon-revealing mirror worked in the same way as the Demon-revealing Needle of the Zhu Clan. It could also tell when a demon w

Nina that the two men shared an unpleasant history.

Payne was greedy. Even though he was a highly skilled doctor, he asked for too much money for his medical services.

Lennie remembered the incident Payne had spoken of clearly. Lennie's comrade had been injured at the Shura Battlefield. When Lennie asked for help, Payne quoted an outrageous amount, which angered Lennie. And that was why Lennie had called Payne a high-skilled but avaricious doctor!

Lennie also said that he would never ask Payne for help even if it meant that Lennie would die at the Shura Battlefield.

"I will pay you whatever you charge, all right?" Lennie hummed reluctantly. If it had not been for Nina, Lennie would never have asked Payne for help.

Payne said in a sharp voice, "Sure. Since I love money more than people, I will forget what you have said in the past, and help you. Heh heh!"

Then Payne asked the three to come into his room.

Lennie walked to the jade bed in the room and placed Zen on it.

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