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   Chapter 180 Not Allow Himself To Fall Or Die

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Actually, demons, humans, and ogres were all intelligent species.

Since they all had intelligence and the ability to think independently, demons and ogres all felt the same emotions that humans did.

Like love, fear, sadness...

At this point, Zen was covered in blood. Nevertheless, he stood before his rivals resolutely. The demon generals were overwhelmed by his perseverance and momentum. For a moment no one lunged at him!

"Zen... Zen, don't bother to save me. If you can break through, make your escape!" Nina cried in a low voice as tears filled her eyes.

Zen was not very tall, but at this moment, his lofty image as a hero was etched deeply in her heart.

Hearing Nina's words, Zen turned to look at her and responded with a faint smile.

At the crucial moment of life and death, his smile was heart-warming.

Holding the broken flying knife and wearing a robe soaked with blood, he confronted the demon generals bravely.

Then he heard a few words in demon language. The demon general who had taken Nina hostage was speaking.

As soon as he finished, the demon generals surrounding Zen assumed an aggressive pose. They seemed to be planning to rush at Zen together.

A streak of purple-black demonic life energy rose from Zen's hand. Zen intended to use all the demonic life energy in him. He held the knife in one hand to protect his chest, and made a fist with the other hand, around which the demonic life energy swarmed.

Zen was prepared to fight the demon generals, even though he was outnumbered and seeming out-skilled. His stance conveyed to the demon generals that they should confront him if they were not afraid of death.

When the first demon general ran forward, Zen took a step back. At the same time, another demon general rushed Zen with a bone spur aimed toward his chest. Zen did not dodge the bone spur. Instead, he dashed toward the demon general and allowed the spur to penetrate his body. What was even crazier was that he pushed his body against the bone spur.


When the bone spur penetrated his body, Zen pressed against it and got closer to the demon general.

The part of the bone spur that came out of Zen's back had turned from bronze to scarlet. Zen's blood dripped down the bone spur's point...

Seeing that Zen had fearlessly stood up against the bone spur in his chest and even pushed himself closer, the demon general suddenly panicked. He wanted to break the bone spur to distance himself from Zen.

But, it was too late.


Zen punched the demon general on the chest and infused his body with wisps of the demonic life energy...

Then, without sparing another glance at the demon general, Zen turned to meet another one. He knew that once the demonic life energy entered the demon general's body, nothing could save him.

The first one died...

Zen had barely turned his head when another bone spur pierced his body. With the same move, Zen rushed forward against the bone spur and drove his demonic life energy into the body of the second demon general...

The second one died...

Then, the third one died...

"Zen... Zen..."

Tears blurred Nina's vision as she watched Zen fight fiercely. Her eyes were

ree among all the elders. He was an expert in turning life vitality into swords, but he was a bit untidy in appearance. Since he was usually slovenly dressed even when he went out, people had nicknamed him as the Messy Sword Genius.

"Nina! Are you okay?" he asked with genuine concern. "I came here as soon as I got your message!" Lennie Zhu stood on a small silver sword and descended slowly from the sky toward Nina. As he saw that Nina seemed fine, his worry dissipated.

The moment the demon general had caught Nina, she triggered an Immediate Messager. The Zhu Clan had designed the Immediate Messager for its family members. Once it was triggered, the nearest family members would receive news in an instant!

However, Immediate Messagers had a big drawback—rescuers, no matter how fast, often found it difficult to get to the scene in time. Usually, it was too late when rescuers arrived.

Lennie Zhu was supposed to be fighting with demons on the Shura Battlefield beside White Emperor City on behalf of the Zhu Clan. A big event in White Emperor City forced him to leave the battlefield. When Nina triggered her Immediate Messager, he happened to be close to Sky Forest. That was why he was able to reach her at this crucial time.

It seemed that Nina was not fated to die yet!

"I'm okay, Uncle Lennie! I'm fine! Save him! Save Zen!" Nina cried, looking excited.

When Lennie Zhu turned and found that Zen was covered in blood and that the corpses of a few demon generals were lying beside Zen, traces of shock flashed across his face.

'He looks very young! He is a disciple of Cloud Sect. He may have come to trial for slaying demons like Nina. Is this guy really so powerful that he killed a bunch of demon generals all by himself?' Lennie Zhu wondered.

'His robe is white!

If I remember correctly, the white robe should be the uniform of Cloud Sect's outer disciples!'

As Lennie Zhu sniffed the air, the shock deepened on his face and his eyes widened with amazement. He smelled a vestige of life energy and was astounded to discover that Zen was not a nature creature. He was only half-step into the nature level.

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