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   Chapter 179 Bathed In Blood (Part Two)

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At this moment, some of the other demon generals that had been hurt by Zen's broken flying knife recovered. They stood up one after another and murmured to each other in their language. They were possibly discussing whether to kill this extraordinary human being or not.

After all, Zen had reached a half step into the nature level. It would be of great significance for their research if the demon generals caught him and took him back to their camp. Perhaps they could learn of Zen's secrets which had made him this powerful.

They knew that it was critical for one race to learn of its rival's strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, their race would only become stronger.

Previously, demons didn't have a culture. But through constant battles with human beings, they had learned something from human cultures and finally, developed their language. Furthermore, they explored human refinement methods step by step and took advantage of everything they acquired from human beings.

Afterward, both humankind and ogre realized that they should make up for their shortcomings by learning from their rivals' strong points. Hence, they destroyed their moral fences. Now, humankind and ogre had reached pacification through marriage and had learned from each other.

Drops of blood that flowed from Zen's wounds stained the bone spurs red.

For a majority of people, they would have died if attacked by several bone spurs at the same time.

Nevertheless, Zen didn't give up. He got down on one knee, stared at the demon generals in silence, and harnessed demonic life energy near his navel in secret.

He intended to destroy the bone spurs inside his body with the demonic life energy.

However great the adversity, Zen knew that he needed to keep calm. Only in this way could Zen get a chance to win...

While manipulating the demonic life energy, Zen reminded

usands of monsters were attacking his body.

One would be put in a rather miserable situation if demonic life energy poured into his body.

After Zen attacked the demon general, the demonic life energy poured into the creature and began dissolving his tissue and flesh.

A few moments later, wisps of demonic life energy were emitted from the demon general's eyes, mouth, and ears. At last, only a skeleton was left. The demon general's bones clattered to the ground while everyone watched, appalled by what they had seen. The demon general's body had vanished together with the demonic life energy...

Seeing that their companion had been killed so miserably, the expression on other demon generals changed.

They were shocked! It was beyond their expectation that a human being at a half step into the nature level could counter-attack under such a critical situation and kill one of their companions in their presence without any fear.

Except for his head, Zen was covered in blood. At this moment, his white robe, which was a symbol of an outer disciple at Cloud Sect, had been stained as well. No longer white, it now looked like a bloody robe!

Despite his severe wounds, unswerving determination was still reflected in Zen's eyes.

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