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   Chapter 178 Bathed In Blood (Part One)

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Zen's body turned faster and faster like a gyroscope. The flying knife, which was connected to Zen by the ring around Zen's thumb and impacted by the centrifugal force, was spinning more quickly than Zen's body.

The soft soil on the ground and even hard stones would be instantly split if the broken flying knife hit them. Tree roots or soft-bodied animals like earthworms huddling inside the earth were certainly no match for the broken flying knife.

But judging by the state of the ground, the demons didn't notice any sign of the slightest stir.

The demon generals came closer and closer to Zen.

Two hundred feet...

One hundred feet...

Fifty feet...

Thirty feet...

As the five demon generals neared him, Zen was engulfed by their evil spirit.

But Zen, who stood in the middle, wasn't bothered by the evil spirit at all. His body was still spinning at a fast pace as if Zen had forgotten about the danger surrounding him.

"Now! It is time!"

yelled Zen. When the five demon generals were about ten feet away from him, Zen abruptly raised his hands, and his body soared high.

Under the ground, the broken flying knife mimicked Zen's movements. As Zen's body ascended, so did the broken flying knife. After marking a crescent on the ground, it flew toward the five approaching demon generals.

This time, the broken flying knife attacked the demon generals stealthily. This assault was beyond their expectations, and so, the demon generals failed to dodge. As a result, the broken flying knife swept across their bodies.

"Puff, puff, puff..."

One demon general's arm was severed.

The flying knife sliced through the chest of another demon general.

A third demon general clutched his abdomen as the broken flying knife sliced through.

The fourth demon general...

"Ow!" howled the demon generals in pain.

Initially, these demon generals thought that their prey was like a rabbit trapped at a d

hwip, thwip..."

All demon generals released bone spurs from their bodies.

The rate at which bone spurs were being shot at Zen, forced him to shelve his attack strategy and continue dodging. For a while, Zen eluded the bone spurs, but he found no opportunity to breathe or rest.

At the very beginning, there was still space for Zen to dodge. But as more and more bone spurs were released, Zen felt challenged to escape the attacks.


A bone spur hit one of Zen's thighs. It pierced through the inner side of his thigh and came out from the outer side.

"Puff, puff, puff!"

Another long bone spur penetrated Zen's thigh from the back. As a consequence, he was unable to move. Other bone spurs hit Zen on his arms and thighs...

Although his body had been turned into a spiritual weapon, Zen still felt pain. When attacked by a palm or fist, a warm current would be produced inside his body, so that he would be neither injured seriously nor feel the extreme pain.

But now, seven or eight bone spurs had pierced different parts of his body. As a consequence, he was unable to stand or walk. Weak and unbalanced, Zen fell to the ground.

"Gyuh, gyuh, gyuh, gyuh..."

The demon general that had kidnapped Nina burst into laughter on seeing how severely Zen had been injured.

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