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   Chapter 177 Six Demon Generals

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A shadow figure was dashing wildly through the Sky Forest.

Zen had raised his speed to maximum.

He concentrated the power of dragon scales into his legs and started to run like crazy.

With the immense power in feet, Zen tramped the soft soil into pieces and left a big hole like it was bombed. He ran so fast that his feet seemed like they were not touching the ground

and made a whooshing sound as he dashed through the forest.

At his speed, he would sometimes bump into trees or break branches along the way.

But Zen could not stop at any moment because even with that speed, he still couldn't catch up with the demon general. He could go faster, but then the demon general would just double his speed, leaving Zen with a greater distance to catch up for.

At first, when he started chasing the demon general and Nina, he could still see them at a distance.

But now, he could only see the figure of the demon general.

Both human and the demon general were running at a high speed.

If they ran at a normal speed, Zen and the demon general could keep running for one to two months. It was evident that the warrior and the demon general had surpassed the limit of life.

But they were not just playing around, instead, they were going at a high speed that no normal person could do.

And after running for an hour or two, the demon general gradually slowed down.

Even the demon general who was known for his endurance and toughness couldn't keep up with that speed without resting in between.

On the other hand, Zen's physical state was better than that of the demon general.

His strength was extracted from the scales of the cyan dragon embedded in his mind. Every time Zen's physical strength was used up, the dragon scales would light up and regenerate his strength to full capacity.

But the green light would eventually dim once the dragon scale power was already used up.

Apparently, the power of the dragon scale had its limits and it would eventually dry out if used too much.

'The demon general is slowing down. I think he won't last that long, ' Zen said to himself. But he didn't falter from running but instead kept his speed so he could catch up to the demon general and save Nina.

Meanwhile, the demon general also felt helpless and got anxious with the human catching up to him.

The demons naturally had greater body strength and endurance than humans.

Thus, the demon general underestimated the human chasing him and thought that he couldn't possibly outrun him.

At the start of their rat chase, the human was running a little slow and the demon general almost lost him. But suddenly, the human caught up to him and he was running at a crazy speed. It was as if the human had unlocked some sort of art to muster that kind of speed.

The demon general wasn't at all surprised. This human bloke already killed a fellow demon general which no normal human could've ever done. There was more to this human bloke tha


There were now six demon generals with Zen.

Zen's face turned serious. It was not a joke to face six demon generals on his own.

With his current state, Zen could take on one demon general by himself.

Two demon generals would still be manageable for him.

But beyond three demon generals, Zen's chance of survival would be greater if he would just run for his life.

But with six demon generals, there was no time to run.

"Gee!" The demon general who took Nina let out a strange laugh. But despite the distorted look, Zen could still see that he was satisfied with the turn of events.


The demon generals laughed all together.

Zen was surrounded by the demon generals

He had experienced many life and death situations before.

Under such a predicament, Zen knew that it was best to stay calm so he could think rationally.

He needed to save Nina even if it meant risking his life.

Even if he died, there would be no regrets.


Zen threw the broken flying blade to the ground and with great force, it went deep into the soil. He looked at the demon general in front of him and smiled slyly.

Seeing the expression on Zen's face, the demon general looked confused. He thought that the human bloke went crazy. How could the human still smile under the situation? He intentionally threw his only weapon into the ground. What was that kid planning?

"Gee, play whatever trick you want. But you will never escape your destiny. Your flesh is fresh and delicious," That demon said and licked his upper lip like a maniac. Then the demon general raised his arms and waved. The demon generals surrounded Zen, ready to attack.

Zen didn't listen to any of the demon general's crap. He knew they weren't human, and it was meaningless to communicate with them.

He stretched out his hands horizontally and his body started to rotate.

As Zen rotated, the broke flying blade was buried deeper to the ground and rotated continuously.

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