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   Chapter 174 Battle In The Sky Forest (Part Two)

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But this time, the situation was different. They had come across a few demon generals and faced substantial loss. They were uncertain about the fate of the disciples from Blackrock Peak. Even though they knew that the likelihood of the disciples from Blackrock Peak surviving the counter was slim, none of the disciples from Lady Peak and Drizzle Peak were willing to believe it. Under such circumstances, they needed to cooperate.

The circumstances did not improve after the disciples of Drizzle Peak and Lady Peak joined the battle, as these disciples were not involved in the fights with the demon generals.

Since demon generals were exceptionally strong, a disciple's chances of winning rested on his concentration. An accidental interruption might break the current balance between Lenard and his opponent, the three disciples and their opponent. In such a case, the generals would be able to kill the disciples easily.

With such concerns in mind, the disciples decided to help in the battle against the demon soldiers. Only one disciple rushed toward the demon general. That was Zen.

His target was the demon general who was pinned down by the three disciples of Skytop Peak. As per his estimate, these three disciples were the inner disciples at the fourth-grade of the nature level.

From what he could see, their strategy had been to form a triangular barrier and build an exceptionally effective offensive. Within this barrier, through their close cooperation, they were able to fend off the demon general's attacks. Judging from their current actions and movements, these disciples seemed to be under the same mentor.

No matter how powerful the demon general's attack, the three could find an appropriate angle to ward off its blows.

In theory, if the three could cooperate closely together, they could be three times stronger than if they worked separately. And with such power, they could match the demon general's strength.


en. Seeing his desperate run toward the demon general, she felt confused as to his intentions. She did not believe that Zen, who was a half-step into the nature level, could kill a demon general. But at this moment, Zen dared to sprint toward a demon general. She couldn't help but be in awe of his courage!

This young man was very promising. She hoped that he would survive.

As Nina prayed for Zen's well-being, the demon general, who had been focusing all his attention on the three disciples, turned in Zen's direction. A mocking expression grew on his face when he realized what was about to happen.

The human heading his way was not even a nature creature! How could this human boy think he could charge at him like this? Did he want to die?

At this moment, the demon general and the disciples all thought that Zen was looking for death.

But when Zen's small body finally hit the huge and hard body of the demon general, the unexpected result astonished everyone.


A dull sound followed the collision.

The demon general, who was as tall as three mature humans, flew back with the force of the impact. His body crashed through dozens of spruce trees before stopping.

However, Zen seemed unhurt. He stood up and patted the dust from his body as if nothing had happened...

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