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   Chapter 173 Battle In The Sky Forest (Part One)

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As the sun crossed the horizon, the disciples prepared for another day of demon hunting.

The relief the disciples felt at having had an uneventful night was overshadowed by their fear and doubt. For a long time, only demon soldiers were seen in Sky Forest, which was the reason why the Sky Forest had become hunting ground for the disciples of Cloud Sect. The inner disciples could easily kill low-level demon soldiers, as these soldiers were simple-minded and not very strong.

But a demon general was more powerful than a demon soldier. And if demon generals were in Sky Forest, then all the disciples of Cloud Sect would become their prey.

Yesterday, Zen's team was not the only team to encounter a demon general. Disciples of Lady Peak had also come across one. Such a coincidence was rare and indicated that the number of demon generals in Sky Forest was far more than estimated.

It was common knowledge that it was relatively challenging for a demon general to sneak into and remain undetected in Sky Forest. The absence of the danger posed by demon generals in Sky Forest was one of the reasons why Cloud Sect selected the forest as the training place for its disciples.

But this year, the number of demon generals in the forest was beyond anyone's expectation. What drove them to the forest in such large numbers?

Although each of the disciples from Lady Peak and Drizzle Peak pondered over this anomaly, none could come up with a feasible answer. After all, White Emperor City formed a solid line of defense against the demons in the Shura Battlefield. How could these demon generals break through the defense line and sneak into Sky Forest?

Was something wrong in White Emperor City?

Needless to say, the disciples had many questions and doubts in their hearts and could not get answers or solutions. Thus, their concerns added to the anxiety they were already feeling.

They could not sleep well at

Peak was present this year. What was more surprising was that he was confronting a demon general by himself. That already showed the advantages of Skytop Peak over the other peaks.

Even with superior strength, the disciples of Skytop Peak were not fairing too well against the demons, as they were fighting two demon generals and dozens of demon soldiers.

Besides Lenard who was fighting one demon general, another three inner disciples were withstanding the attacks from a second demon general. Even though the three refiners were together, they could not match their rival and were struggling to keep the balance. If the demon general killed any one of them, the balance of victory and defeat would tilt. The situation was very dangerous for these disciples.

"Let's go and help them!" After saying these words, Cleve rushed into the battlefield and aimed his sword at one demon soldier. He summoned his life vitality, which enveloped the blade of his sword, thus making it glitter in the morning light.

The other disciples of Lady Peak and Drizzle Peak also ran toward the fight against the demon soldiers.

In previous trials, disciples would not intervene in a battle between disciples and demon soldiers as the situation was not dangerous enough to warrant interference.

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