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   Chapter 172 The Demon-revealing Needle (Part Two)

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Cloud Sect arranged for this task of slaying demons on an annual basis.

Humans and demons had fought with each other for generations. Since demons hadn't stepped into the Burning Sky Empire for many years because of the protection of the Burning Sky Palace and Cloud Sect, most disciples were not aware of the danger posed by demons.

To train the disciples, it was necessary to teach them to bring their strength into play without being suppressed by the demon's evil spirit during a fight.

Since such experience necessitated confronting a real demon, Cloud Sect allowed for the disciples to hunt demons in the Sky Forest. As with any fight, there was always a life and death situation. It truly sounded terrifying.

But in fact, during the trial to chop the demon every year, it was rare for some disciples to die as only ordinary demon soldiers would be in Sky Forest to explore the way.

A demon soldier was not powerful. At least, all the inner disciples who could pass the test and enter Sky Forest were able to fight against them.

And the disciples of Lady Peak volunteered for the task this time as they had allied with the inner disciples from Blackrock Peak.

The disciples of Blackrock Peak were willing to protect the female disciples of Lady Peak.

Blackrock Peak was ranked second among the thirty-three peaks at Cloud Sect. Even if those who took the trial to chop the demon were not the most powerful at Blackrock Peak, their strength was sufficient for the task. Some of them were not highly ranked at Cloud Sect yet, but they were famous at Cloud Sect for their strength.

But when they explored Sky Forest, a demon general mixed himself inside the group.

"A demon general disguised himself and followed your group?"

eaves and branches of the foliage.

Nina and other female disciples were exhausted after what had happened to them earlier that day. They leaned against each other and fell asleep.

The disciples of Drizzle Peak took turns guarding the camp and taking some rest.

The night seemed to drag on longer than usual. Not only was the disciple on guard filled with anxiety, but the ones who were sleeping couldn't rest well, either. Their nightmares would wake them.

During their torment, the darkness of the night only served to make the disciples more despondent. However, the night went by without any further incidents.

Zen didn't sleep the whole night. His soul had entered a realm that common people couldn't match. Even if he didn't rest for several days and nights, he would be in high spirits.

He sat with his legs crossed and practiced the second move of the Heavenly Ogre Fist, which was called Swarm of Ogres Surging.

When the sun rose the next morning, he was still sitting with his legs crossed. Zen opened his eyes as demonic life energy spread slowly. After meditating the whole night, Zen thought he had mastered more about Heavenly Ogre Fist.

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