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   Chapter 171 The Demon-revealing Needle (Part One)

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With the help of the light from the bonfire, Zen was able to study his surroundings. He saw about ten female disciples standing on a wide branch of a spruce tree.

The female disciple in the front gripped a long sword horizontally and looked nervous. She shouted at Zen, "Don't move forward. Which peak are you from?"

Zen raised his head and answered, "We are disciples from Drizzle Peak!"

Of the thirty-three peaks at Cloud Sect, only Lady Peak housed female disciples. Since only female disciples were standing on the branch, it could be assumed that they were from Lady Peak.

After Yan came to Lady Peak, the strength of the entire peak was enhanced. Although Yan was imprisoned now, the peak retained its average strength.

It was undoubtedly more powerful than Drizzle Peak, which was ranked at the bottom.

Since Lady Peak was the only peak among the thirty-three peaks at Cloud Sect to accommodate female refiners, it was the most popular peak among the male disciples. It was also the best place for male disciples to find companions.

The female disciple standing on the tree was named Nina. She was from the Zhu Clan, which was famous for their powerful weapon needles. Given her strength and cultivation level, she was an inner disciple at Lady Peak. Her strength and rank ensured that she was selected to lead her group during this trial to chop the demon.

"The Drizzle Peak? Stand there!" Nina Zhu warned again. Then she aimed a small jade box at Zen and the others from Drizzle Peak.

Although Nina Zhu was surprised that the Pear Needle Rainstorm was not effective on Zen, as the descendant of the Zhu Clan, she had more powerful weapons at her disposal. Thus she felt secure that she could conf

person. Despite a demon's ability to camouflage himself as his victim, he will spread a little evil spirit. When this Demon-revealing Needle touches an evil spirit, it will change from green to red."

Zen nodded. As expected, each of the seven noble clans had a unique strength. Zhu Clan was an expert in hidden weapons and all kinds of techniques to make such neat stuff.

"Sisters, you can come down. There is no demon among them," Nina turned to her group and announced.

Hearing that, the female disciples from Lady Peak hidden on the tree jumped down and settled around the bonfire.

Shortly after, the disciples from Drizzle Peak also sat on the ground around the bonfire. Zen asked, "You are so cautious. Have you also been attacked by demons before?"

As soon as Zen asked this question, the expression on all female disciples of Lady Peak saddened. Seeing this, Zen felt as though no words were needed to answer his question.

Nina nodded with tears in her eyes, "We thought it was not dangerous to take the trial to chop the demons this year as some senior brother disciples had vowed to protect us. Who would know that..."

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