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   Chapter 169 Blood Splattering

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Almost all inner disciples, including Cleve, thought that the outer disciples could not kill demons and that they had been selected for their courage.

In their opinion, the outer disciples were a burden to them.

Nevertheless, according to the rules of Cloud Sect, an action team tasked with killing demons must consist of five inner disciples and five outer disciples.

Before they set out from Drizzle Peak, Cleve and the other inner disciples had discussed how to treat the outer disciples during the mission.

Cleve had never imagined that an outer disciple would save him during the task.

He had no idea why the demon general was afraid of Zen's broken flying knife instead of his Light Splitting Sword.

"Since I'm special will you let me go?" Zen asked the demon general as he reclaimed his broken flying knife.

"Of course, not. The meat of special people is more delicious," replied the demon general before sticking his tongue out of his fanged mouth and licking his lips. "Ha ha ha!" the demon general laughed contentedly as if he had tasted Zen's flesh.

Then the demon general ignored Cleve and rushed toward Zen.

Seeing this, Cleve emitted a bright silver life vitality from his hand and directed it to his Light Splitting Sword. As if ordered, the sword flew toward the demon general. Cleve knew that they had to work together to kill the demon general. Otherwise, they would all die.

However, the demon general was not flustered by Cleve's attack. He dodged the path of the sword with ease. Then several bone spikes emerged from his back and deflected the sword.

A demon general was much stronger than an ordinary demon. Cleve and his teammates were faced with a life and death challenge during this fight.

Zen carefully observed each movement of the demon general.

He knew that if he missed even the slightest detail, it would mean his death.

The moment the demon general rushed toward Zen, Zen directed his flying knife toward the general.

Unfortunately, the demon general was much faster than Zen had estimated. Zen saw he avoided the circling orbit of the flying knife at an extremely high speed.

The flying knife didn't meet its target.

Zen gritted his teeth and decided to give the demon general a knockout blow. He awakened the cyan dragon in his mind, which now had more than a hundred glittering scales.

As he rushed toward the demon general, a tremendous force surged from Zen's body and focused on his fist. Zen's body had already been refined into a spiritual weapon, so he could bear immense power. Had such power been carried by any other humans, they would be destroyed by their strength before they could release it.


A booming sound echoed through the forest when the two fists collided.

The force with which Zen clashed with the demon general turned all stones around them into dust.

Zen's eyes widened as he felt himself being pushed back dozens of feet. He dug his heels into the ground to slow himself, but the reaction force was so tremendous that a heap of soil piled up behind Zen.

Ever since Zen's body had become a spiritual weapon, there had been no refining effect on his body when he clashed with ordinary people. However, the demon general's punch awoke the warm currents. Zen closed his eyes as the curren

on general, everyone was surprised as he had survived. Seeing that he hadn't been injured gave the disciples a glimmer of hope.

But their hope was dashed soon.

At that moment, a sly smile danced on Zen's face.

Although demons were stronger than humans, they were not smarter than humans. The demon general was surprised to see Zen's smile. However, he dismissed the anomaly by telling himself that Zen was completely under his control. So he focused on tearing Zen's body.


The broken flying knife flew toward the demon general all of a sudden. Of course, it was Zen's knife.

Zen had hurled his broken flying knife just before the demon general's bone spike stabbed him. Now, he gestured with his fingers and directed the knife to return to him.

"Ah!" exclaimed the demon general as he saw the broken flying knife.

The demon general reacted quickly. He shook his body to ward off the broken flying knife with his bone spikes.

With the demon general sufficiently distracted, Zen now had the time to release his second attack. He closed his eyes and focused. A soft yellow light appeared between his eyebrows. The light shaped into a long thorn and flew toward the demon general's head.


Stabbed by Zen's Spiritual Thorn, the demon general bellowed painfully. Distracted by the pain, he had no time to notice the broken flying knife.

The flying knife hit the demon general in the chest.

At the same time, Zen placed his feet on the demon general's body and pressed the bone spike down with his full strength. More than a hundred dragon scales lit up at once. Zen quickly channeled the infinite power to his hand.


The force used by Zen snapped the demon general's bone spike.

Before the demon general could recover from the pain, Zen pulled out the bone spike from his shoulder and thrust it into the demon general's head.


The unbearable pain forced the demon general to his knees. In the next instant, he clutched his head and thrashed on the ground.

With the flying knife in his hand, Zen stood on the demon general's body and began chopping him into pieces.

In a while, the demon general's blood splattered all over.

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