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   Chapter 165 Encounter With A Demon (Part One)

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Sky Forest was named for its spruces.

Soaring spruce trees could be seen everywhere. The trees were hundreds of yards tall, straight as spears, and thrust into the sky.

Standing at the entrance of the forest, the disciples couldn't help feeling as though there was something dark and dismal about the vastness of the dense trees.

Once all the disciples had gotten off the huge flying chariot, they were distributed into small groups before being allowed to head into Sky Forest. Every group contained ten disciples — five inner disciples and five outer disciples.

Zen was surrounded by the five inner disciples from Drizzle Peak as soon as he jumped out of the chariot.

"I don't give a shit what happened between you and Yale," a black-robed disciple said as he stepped forward, his voice haughty and supercilious. "You do as I say if you want to survive the forest. If you're going to behave as you did in the flying chariot, you will find yourself in the belly of the demon. Remember that, boy!"

"Don't get cocky when you don't have the right to be. You know what they say, 'the nail that sticks out must be pounded down'. You are just an outer disciple, and only a half-step into the nature level. You still need our protection during the trial. Why do you have to pick a fight with Yale and drag us into it? To be clear, we will not get involved if Yale comes after you later," another black-robed disciple added.

"I heard that you made quite a reputation for yourself among the outer disciples. But let me make it plain, outer disciples are at the very bottom of the pile. What you achieved was nothing compared to what inner disciples can do. Now learn your lesson and look before you leap," A third black-robed disc

five nature creatures ahead.

So Zen was more sensitive than others. His senses were heightened to sense even the slightest noises like the wind stirring the grass. No sound could elude him!

As the Drizzle Peak disciples pressed further and further into the forest, they separated from the other Cloud Sect disciples.

Watchfully, they followed the trail in the forest for about twenty miles.

Then, there was a sharp crack. An inner disciple who had been sent to scout ahead had stepped on a dry branch.

"What happened?" Henry was the first to call out. He had never been in a situation like this and found that his nerves were strained all the time.

"Relax, Henry. It's no big deal. I just stepped on a branch." The disciple turned and gave Henry a mocking smile.

"Watch out!" Just as the inner disciple turned to speak to Henry, a huge snake emerged from behind a thick spruce trunk.

The snake's trunk-like body had a grey-green color that matched the spruce's bark. This camouflage had allowed it to hide in plain sight.

The snake lunged at the inner disciple, Its jaws opened wide as if it were going to swallow its prey whole.

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