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   Chapter 164 Yale Zhuge

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Although Zen had read many books over the years and was familiar with the famous mountains and large rivers in Burning Sky Empire, he didn't know everything.

These two places were strange to Zen. He'd never heard of them.

After meditating on it for a time, Zen cautiously set the snow satin back in Weapon Refining Principle and then placed it in the space ring.

There must be an invaluable treasure in the book, but if he wanted it, he would have to wait for a later date to find it.

Right now, Zen needed to continue preparing for the task of chopping demons.

Zen knocked a demon to pieces today, but since it was bounded and sealed, it had no strength to hit back.

So, it only tested Zen's courage.

However, after descending the mountain, they would face real demons.

Lately, Zen worked hard to concentrate his strength and refine his vitality.

Several days passed, and Aura listed the five outer disciples. Zen was one of them.

On the list, there were three outer disciples, Zen, Henry, and Gury who was the third-ranked while the other two were hardly considered as outer disciples, who were a half-step in the nature level.

After deciding which disciples, Aura wanted them to have several days to prepare.

A few days later, five outer disciples and five inner disciples from Drizzle Peak met at the Bluesky Parking Ground.

That day the Bluesky Parking Ground was crowded.

Half were inner disciples dressed in black robes, and half were outer disciples wearing white robes.

The ones able to pass the test of getting close to a demon might not be counted as the most powerful inner or outer disciples from each peak, but, it was sure they were the bravest who could control and even defeat their fear.

In the middle of the Bluesky Parking Ground, a master was declaring the rules, giving the dos and don'ts for abolishing demons.

Neither the outer nor the inner disciples could go to the Shura Battlefield to face the big demons on their own. With their current strengths, if they did, the disciples would be swallowed.

On the other side of Shura Battlefield, there was a forest that bordered the empire called Sky Forest.

The demon often sent demon scouts into the empire to scrutinize enemy status. Three hundred and thirty disciples total, from the thirty-three peaks of the Cloud Sect, were gathered to enter the Sky Forest and destroy the demon scouts.

As the master finished, a giant flying chariot slowly landed.

"Alright, everyone, this is it," said the master as he stepped to one side.

Disciples began filing into the giant flying chariot one after another.

Every action was prearranged, i

ut his body. He stretched his hand out and pointed at Zen, demanding, "How dare you, insult my brother? Are you courting death?"

"Am I courting death? Haha, if I'm not courting death, will your family leave me alone? Will your brother stop harassing me? Since I'm courting death anyway, what does it matter if I curse him?" Zen replied coldly.

"Um...." trailed Yale, as his face turned scarlet that he apparently, wanted to fight on the giant flying chariot.

Zen calmly moved two steps, and his look of indifference changed to a sneer, and he stated, "If you want a fight, I'll accommodate you!"

Just then, two other inner disciples walked up to Yale and put their hands on his shoulders while one said, "Fighting isn't permitted in here. If you destroy the flying chariot, you'll have big trouble. Kill him any way you like, as long as it's after we reach Sky Forest!"

With the two disciples stepping in, Yale snorted at Zen, calm enough now before heading back to his seat.

Zen influenced the demonic life energy in his body, forcing it back down into his lower torso.

It would be an absolute lie to say he didn't feel the pressure when facing Yale, a powerful nature creature.

Although it appeared Zen feared nothing, in fact, he was in the state of vigilance. As long as Yale had the intention of killing him, Zen would be ready to immediately strike back, even while they were in the giant flying chariot.

Zen had lit more than 100 dragon scales now and grasped the methods of the Heavenly Ogre Fist. His strength was at the peak, and so, now, he wanted to know what his limits were.

After retaking his seat, Zen closed his eyes and enjoyed the last hour of leisure flying.

He knew as soon as they reached the Sky Forest, a bloody battle would begin.

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