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   Chapter 163 A Hidden Secret

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The inner disciples would get the leading role in the task of chopping the demons.

For the outer disciples, this would be a simple training exercise. It was not realistic to let the outer disciples face a demon and slay it.

But if they could cope with the fear spread by the evil spirit during this training, it would be helpful for their growth in the future.

However, it was beyond everyone's expectation that Zen would kill this demon.

Many outer disciples had noticed that Zen didn't use life energy when he punched the demon. He had just used his strength.

A human's physical strength alone was insufficient to make him powerful. Humans were able to exert supreme power because they could adopt life energy and life vitality and operate all kinds of magical powers.

But Zen beat a demon with strength of the nature level only with the help of his body strength. Such an astonishing demonstration of power shocked everyone.

At what level would his power be if Zen used his life energy?

Several outer disciples were pondering over this question.

Aura's eyes also reflected her surprise at Zen's feat. In such a short period, Zen had become more powerful than before.

This was, in fact, true.

By virtue of the hundred dragon scales he had lit up, Zen now had ten times more power than before.

Even a powerful person like Randall would have met the same fate as the demon had Zen punched him using his current strength level.

Aura was joyful at Zen's progress. In enhancing his strength to such an advanced degree in such a short time, he had justified Aura's belief in his potential. She could now see that her conflict with the masters of other peaks to secure Zen as a disciple for Drizzle Peak had been worthwhile.

She wondered what the masters of other peaks would think if Zen's power continued to rise. Would they regret it?

Aura was secretly delighted but didn't show any joy on her face. On the contrary, she glared at Zen and said, "I asked you to try to get close. Why did you kill it?"

Hearing Master Su's question, Zen smiled, "Master Su, I got too close to the demon by accident. You didn't have any protective measures for such a situation. When the demon tried to bite me, I retaliated. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.."

"I see. So you are saying that this was my fault?" Master Su frowned at Zen's duplicitous explanation.

Zen nodded with a smile and agreed with Master Su.

"Since you have killed this demon, the test can't go on," Aura grunted. She knew about Zen's tendency not to listen to anybody. After thinking for a while, she said to the outer disciples, "If any of you want to attempt the test, please come to me. I will give you another demon. In three days, I will announce the names of the five shortlisted outer disciples. Please don't delay."

After speaking, Aura turned and glared at Zen before striding toward the flying chariot parked in a corner. Without another look at Zen or the other disciples, she flew away.

After Aura had left, the remaining disciples surrounded the demon's skeleton.

When Zen had punched the demon, its flesh and blood had splattered everywhere. Only the skeleton remained.

e than 20 thousand crystals?

What Chase had explained was undoubtedly valuable. If Weapon Refining Principle was just a secret book about the elementary course to refine a weapon, it would be worth less than one cubic crystal. So it was a significant loss to Zen since he had paid more than 20 thousand cubic crystals.


Zen flipped though Weapon Refining Principle as he thought about the question.

It seemed that Fren wanted this Weapon Refining Principle badly. Even the disciples from Chase's school were determined to get this secret book. There must be a big secret hidden in it!

When Zen flipped through the pages quickly, he stumbled across something.

Usually, all the pages in a book would be of the same thickness.

But Zen found a page was thicker than the others when leafing through the book.

"Could it be that two pages have been glued together?"

Zen opened that page cautiously. As expected, there was something in this page.

Zen carefully tore the edge and separated the two pages.

Zen found a white filmy satin between these two pages.

"This is the snow satin. It is made of ice silk."

The ice silkworm was a rare worm in the north and the silk it spat was ice-cold. The silk could be used to make satin. Thus the fabric earned its name, snow satin. It was cool and well ventilated, comfortable to wear.

When Zen was young, he had worn clothes made of snow satin. The material had greatly impressed him.

He stretched his hand and pinched the white satin with his fingers. At this time, Zen could see that there was a painting on it.

The painting was sloppily done. Upon peering at it, Zen could tell that it was a map.

"Cloudy Mountain... Dragon Valley There is an Eight Diagrams beside it and the numbers, three, six, two, nine...are written separately..."

Zen frowned as he read in a low voice.

It seemed to be a treasure map.

Chase was a great weapon refining master, but only a few treasures were discovered after his death. Could this be a map to the place where he hid his treasures?

But where were Cloudy Mountain and Dragon Valley?

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