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   Chapter 161 Walk With Difficulty (Part Two)

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Confronted with the demon, he walked steadily towards it with a three-foot cyan-blade sword in his hand. The disciples watched with bated breath as he confidently stepped into the seventh circle. To everyone's delight, he didn't slow down until he got into the eighth circle.

After the demon roared at him, Henry turned back. His complexion had turned grey.

Although the disciples could see that Henry hadn't succeeded in overcoming the effects of the demon's evil spirit, they took some consolation in the fact that the only indication of fear Henry showed was his grey pallor.

All in all, Henry proved to be the bravest among them.

As Henry left the circles drawn by Aura, he put up his arms and inhaled and exhaled to calm himself. It was only after the deep breaths did his relaxed smile return.

Soon, Henry scanned the faces on the disciples. He stopped when he noticed Zen.

The outer disciples noticed that Zen had caught Henry's attention.

During the competition against Vulture Peak, Henry should have been one of the contestants. However, at that time, Henry had been cultivating in isolation. He thus missed the chance to compete with the disciples from Vulture Peak.

Once Henry finished his practice, he heard of the outcome of the competition. The other disciples couldn't stop praising a particular disciple who had won the competition on behalf of Drizzle Peak.

It was Zen.

Zen had heard of Henry's skills before.

Henry, however, hadn't paid much attention to Zen before. He had first heard about this prodigious disciple when Zen had competed with Leo during his first few days at Drizzle Peak. Zen as a newcomer then had beaten Leo who was ranked among the top 30 at Drizzle Peak. His feat had impressed many.

Henry didn't think too much about Zen at that time. Although Henry was aware that

uted as well.

Zen nodded at them, then looked at the demon in the distance, and walked toward it slowly.

Although evil spirit from the demon was a kind of intent, this intent was different from other types of intent.

Most times, intent could be regarded as a method to attack people. However, the purpose of the demon's intent was to raise the fear people felt.

It was not advisable to assume that a demon and a beast are equally powerful and equally terrible, just because the evil spirit of the demon invoked such a response from people that made it seem as though the demon was far scarier than a beast. This was a natural ability for a demon.

Zen had tremendous power and a strong soul. Normally, the common intent could not bother him as it did to others.

The demon didn't intend to hurt Zen, but its evil spirit conveyed to Zen that it was extremely horrible.

As Zen walked into the first circle, he felt the evil spirit, and involuntarily, a feeling of fear appeared in Zen's heart.

Fortunately, the fear wasn't overwhelming. Zen smiled and relaxed. Then he walked into the second circle without any hesitation.

So far, Zen had been the only person who could wear a smile in front of the demon.

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