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   Chapter 160 Walk With Difficulty (Part One)

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There was no doubt that Johnson Qiu was a skilled master.

He had been a half-step into the nature level since many years ago, and would reach the nature level when he overcame the difficulty he faced in changing his life energy into life vitality.

But he had stayed at a half-step into the nature level all these years despite his disciplined practice at Drizzle Peak as he hadn't overcome the difficulty yet.

Any practitioner of martial arts knew this:

A challenge could only be surpassed through patience and diligence. Only by experiencing continuous fights could a martial artist become more powerful.

If Johnson had chosen to continue practicing diligently at Drizzle Peak, it might take him a decade to cross into the nature level.

So Johnson desired to grab this opportunity to push his limits with the hopes that he would make quicker progress to the nature level.

He didn't shrink when confronted by the demon.

The evil spirit intruded his body and raised a terrible fear at the bottom of his heart.

He seemed to hear a voice that asked him to run away quickly.

However, at that moment, Johnson worked up the nerve to walk closer to the demon, in full view of the other disciples.

Quickly, Johnson stepped over the outermost circle drawn by Aura.

The demon's ugly eyes focused on Johnson as he came closer.

Although the demon was physically weak and couldn't hurt people, its innate evil spirit had not weakened.

"Goo Gha," the demon mumbled as its mouth opened and closed. Although the disciples couldn't understand what the demon was saying, it seemed to be laughing at Johnson.

Suddenly, all the blood disappeared from Johnson's face. Not only had his face paled, an overwhelming instinct to run away coursed through Johnson's body.

Since he was the fourth most powerful martial ar

nor had he scrambled away in terror as Johnson had!

Seeing this, a realization dawned upon the outer disciples at Drizzle Peak.

Bravery had nothing to do with power. Just like a small mantis would be overestimating its abilities by attempting to stop a car, its courage to face such a mammoth challenge could not be denied.

Aura recorded the name and progress of each disciple that tried to approach the demon. Based on their performance, she would then select the five disciples who got the closest to the demon. These disciples would then practice how to kill demons.

The outer disciple who was at the marrow refining level but had reached the sixth circle, helped many people to regain their confidence. Now that they had understood that bravery, not power was needed they felt more convinced that they could confront the demon.

One after another, hundreds of outer disciples tested their mental agility against the demon's evil spirit. The results varied from person to person. However, the worst performance came from a disciple who had broken down immediately after stepping into the first circle, while the best performer was Henry Hao.

Ranked first among the outer disciples, Henry had set a good example.

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