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   Chapter 158 Melting (Part Two)

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Among the top-grade mysterious weapons owned by Zen, this big axe looked the best. Zen thought that more heavenly essence could be extracted from melting this weapon.

Previously, seven drops had been obtained from melting that pair of short swords. Thus, Zen inferred that the big golden axe would produce more heavenly essence.

However, it was beyond his expectation that only three drops of heavenly essence were obtained from the melting of the axe.

At this moment, Zen was a little confused as to how much heavenly essence was contained in a top-grade mysterious weapon.

He felt lucky that he owned a variety of top-grade mysterious weapons. In terms of quality, it appeared as though some were superior, while others were not.

As per Zen's experience, depending on the quality of a top-grade mysterious weapon, the number of heavenly drops that could be extracted varied from two to nine drops. He had never come across a weapon that yielded more or less than that range.

As expected, five drops of heavenly essence could be obtained from a top-grade mysterious weapon on average.

He spent the whole night melting weapons.

Each time, Zen manipulated the black fire to melt the top-grade mysterious weapons. After about 100 weapons had been melted, Zen was the proud owner of more than 500 drops of heavenly essence.

Since the black fire had been used unceasingly from the last late night to this morning, it seemed to have lost its energy. Earlier, it had been relatively happy, but now it appeared to be powerless and didn't fly as forcefully as before. At last, it hovered in front of Zen.

The black fire seemed capable of feeling fatigue too.

Seeing the black fire in that wretched state, Zen felt a little pitiful and thus stopped melting.

At the same time, he took two hundred drops of heavenly essence out of the bottle and tossed them at the black fire.

Like a little dog that had smelled a bone, the black fire was suddenly filled with vitality. As soon as it engulfed the two hundred drops of heavenly essence that Zen had isolated from the bottle, it gained a little enthusiasm. Then it retreated into Zen's mind.

After Zen took a breath, all two hundred drops of heavenly essence were poured into the mouth of the

ple Light Fist to cultivate life energy that the demonic life energy needed to consume to grow stronger.

In spite of extremely great difficulties in practicing the Heavenly Ogre Fist, Zen had gradually become more and more skillful in his cultivation after repeated attempts.

Now, he could not only easily and proficiently make the first move of the Heavenly Ogre Fist, namely, Ogres Shaking the World, but he also mastered the second move, which was known as the Swarm of Ogres Surging.

Although the second move was not as mighty as the first, Zen could attack many targets simultaneously. He thought it would be beneficial if many enemies confronted him.

Part way through his meditation, Zen heard tolling sounds from the hillside of Drizzle Peak. Since he was cultivating at an unnoticed corner of Drizzle Peak, Zen couldn't find anyone around him to ask why they were being summoned.

"The toll only sounds when all outer disciples are required to gather together. What on earth has happened?" Standing on a cliff, Zen stared at the hillside. He watched quietly as several disciples walked towards the plaza on the mountain peak. Curious, Zen stopped his cultivation, jumped off the cliff, and rushed toward the plaza.

When he arrived, almost all outer disciples had gathered in the plaza.

In the center of the plaza stood Aura. She wore a light blue dress, and beside her, stood a huge thing.

A yellow curtain full of magic symbols and incantations hid the thing from the outer disciples.

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