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   Chapter 156 Please Pack All Weapons

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Weapon Pavilion was the largest shop in the mart.

Zen knew that real treasures and rare weapons might not appear in such a big shop. However, his goal was not to find rare spiritual weapons.

Zen intended to buy mysterious weapons.

He believed that the Weapon Pavilion would stock many mysterious weapons.

After stepping into the Weapon Pavilion, Zen saw a variety of weapons.

There were golden axes, emerald spears, blood-red great swords, and so on.

As Zen glanced at the weapons, he found that they were low-grade mysterious weapons.

The business at the Weapon Pavilion seemed very good. Many people shuttled in and out, and dozens of waiters wearing yellow coats were busy greeting customers.

After hanging out for a while, Zen wanted to speak with a waiter about the weapons, but no one approached him.

Perhaps the reason for this strange behavior was that the waiters saw Zen wearing a white robe, which was characteristic of a Cloud Sect outer disciple. All of the workers in the mart could tell that the outer disciples had only recently joined Cloud Sect. Even if they earned some bonuses from the sect, they had to use their cubic crystals for cultivation. Thus, no waiter paid attention to Zen as they didn't think he could afford much.

After waiting for a long time, Zen noticed that a waiter was free. The man reluctantly walked up to Zen.

"Sir, what weapons do you want to buy? We have various kinds of weapons. As long as you tell me what you want, I can find it for you," said the waiter fluently.

Zen nodded and said, "I have noticed that you only have low-grade mysterious weapons on display. Could you please tell me where the top-grade mysterious weapons are placed?"

"Top-grade mysterious weapons?" questioned the waiter as he studied Zen.

Although the waiter assumed that Zen was perhaps not wealthy enough to afford a top-grade mysterious weapon, he still wanted to take a chance. Sometimes, children from noble clans dressed as though they were poor. The waiter did not want to miss potential business based on an assumption.

Thus, the waiter smiled warmly and said, "Sir, our top-grade mysterious weapons are not exhibited here. If you want to buy some, I'll take you to another room. This way please!"

Zen nodded and followed the waiter to the depths of the Weapon Pavilion.

The inner space of the Weapon Pavilion was huge! As Zen walked deeper, he came across many mid-grade mysterious weapons. Soon these were replaced by top-grade ones.

"Sir, this is our collection of top-grade mysterious weapons. Each of them is of superior quality!" introduced the waiter proudly, as he led Zen into a big room.

Zen's eyes wandered along the counters. At a glance, he could not tell whether these weapons were remarkable or not.

There might be a massive difference in quality between any two top-grade mysterious weapons.

For example, the weapons that Zen grabbed from Evil Lan produced only five or six drops of heavenly essence when melted.


ock... Please pack them all," said Zen with a quick smile.


The middle-aged man stood rooted to the spot. Zen's request was so unusual that he was rendered speechless.

As a shopkeeper In the Weapon Pavilion for so many years, he had served all kinds of customers.

However, this was the first time that he met a crazy boy who was spending money like water.

"You're not kidding, are you?" The middle-aged man asked cautiously. If he had not seen Zen's golden token from the Blessed Draft Bank, he would have instructed someone to drive Zen out.

The shopkeeper knew that Zen was able to buy all the weapons.

"I am not joking. Now that I am buying so many weapons at one time, will you give me a discount?" asked Zen.

"Discount! Of course, I'll give you a discount!" said the shopkeeper with excitement. Now, the shopkeeper was convinced that Zen intended to buy two hundred and twenty top-grade mysterious weapons, though he didn't know why Zen was buying so many weapons.

"Guys, get over here!" the middle-aged shopkeeper ordered the waiters.

Once eight waiters had gathered around, the shopkeeper said, "Wrap all these top-grade mysterious weapons for our exalted guest!"

Hearing the shopkeeper's order, the waiters began to take the weapons out of the showcases.

The previous waiter who had served Zen was stunned. His eyes widened when he heard the shopkeeper's command.

At the moment, he was genuinely remorseful.

He had thought Zen was a madman who had deliberately annoyed him. He didn't expect that Zen really wanted to buy all the top-grade mysterious weapons.

To a large extent, his salary depended on the sales of mysterious weapons.

The commission for selling a top-grade mysterious weapon was equivalent to several months' salary.

If he had taken Zen seriously, he would not have to work for the rest of his life!

But what had been the waiter's attitude toward Zen?

Thinking of his stupid behavior, the waiter could only silently curse himself.

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